4 Things You Need to Do Before Leaving the Room Hotel

Are you staying at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and will be checking out soon? So don’t forget to pay attention to the following things.

Most travelers are often in a hurry when checking out of the hotel. This is actually a bad risk, especially for people who are untidy and take a lot of things out of their bags during their stay. You may leave important equipment that is needed for the holidays.

Therefore, what things should a traveler do before checking out of a hotel room? How to minimize the risk of stuff left behind? Here are things travelers need to keep in mind before checking out of the hotel.

  1. Checking Charger

One of the facilities that you can use in a hotel room is a power outlet. Usually, the location is in a hidden area. There are sockets located in the corner of the hotel room floor, some are placed behind a table or lamp.

Of course, you can plug the charger into the socket. Unfortunately, some hotel guests sometimes forget to unplug the charger after their cell phone or gadget is fully charged. Nowadays, most of the new hotels are known to have placed the socket position on the table. This is intended so that guests do not forget to remove the charger or leave it when packing. Therefore, don’t forget to check the contact outlet before checkout!

  1. Picking Up Takeaway Hotel Supplies

Hotel staffs usually will to throw away most of the equipment that hotel guests don’t bring home. Therefore, don’t forget to put a number of hotel equipment that you can take home in your bag. Of course, you can also make these items as post-holiday souvenirs.

Examples of equipment that hotel guests can take home are toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrush, soap, moisturizer, cotton buds, mustache trimmer, and cotton.

In addition to bathroom equipment, you can also bring home stationery in the hotel room, such as pencils and pens. Put hotel slippers or a plastic laundry bag in your luggage if necessary.

  1. Checking All Corners of the Room Carefully

It’s a good idea to check the entire hotel room carefully before going home. Find out if there are still things left under the covers or under the bed. Who knows, you might miss it because you were in a hurry to take care of other things.

This final check is meant to make sure nothing has been forgotten. It could be that something fell and you didn’t notice it. Don’t forget to check each drawer. Make sure nothing is left in there.

  1. Calculating Expenses

Before checking out, hotel guests are encouraged to check the money used for room rent. Try to remember what facilities were used during your stay. When buying dishes that are available in the minibar, you should calculate the total cost.

This also applies when you use paid WiFi or telephone facilities. Every hotel guest is known to be able to order food through room service. If you use it, make sure you have paid it off or included it in the room bill. Other hotel facilities that are not free are laundry services, spas, and dining in restaurants.

Those are some things that travelers need to keep in mind before checking out from the hotel. Hopefully, the tips above are useful for those of you who want to stay in a hotel during the holidays. Don’t forget to apply the 4 things above before leaving the hotel!

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