Why Factory Floor Mats Don't Make the Cut

Why Factory Floor Mats Don’t Make the Cut

Experienced drivers are familiar with the breakdown of factory floor mats over time. It doesn’t always happen to a vehicle, but every driver who has enough years on the road winds up with an experience where the floor mat just didn’t hold up. Sometimes it’s a borrowed car or a rental, other times it’s a used vehicle that got heavy traffic before it found its new owner. However it happens, the best solution is an upgrade to more rugged replacement car floor mats.

But Why Aren’t Factory Mats More Rugged?

When vehicle manufacturers try to predict the wear and tear a vehicle’s interior will take, they’re making assumptions about a lot of variables.

  • Temperature range the vehicle operates in
  • Level of daily or weekly use
  • Long vs. short-drive use
  • How the vehicle is used, for example, commuting vs. a work truck
  • Driver foot behavior
  • Operational lifespan estimates

There are a lot of things that can make mats wear out inconsistently or more quickly. Some drivers work their off foot in ways that put extra wear on the mats. Similarly, sometimes the vehicle is used under environmental conditions that are not predicted, and then the mats wear unexpectedly. Lastly, manufacturers have to balance the cost of the car against its performance, and mats are an easy part to decide you’re going to build to wear and replace, because upgrading their protection is affordable for most customers.

Getting Extra Protection For Your Vehicle

Block out harmful sunlight and keep your interior cool with the best dashboard covers for popular vehicles, and don’t forget to look at custom car covers for full protection whenever you’ll be leaving the vehicle overnight. Investing in your car means getting a longer life out of it, with a more enjoyable ride throughout that lifetime.

Material and fit matter. Shop for your vehicle protection at retailers who know how to set you up with exactly the right accessories for your vehicle’s storage conditions.