What Is A Rotary Drill Bit? – Everything You Need To Know!

Simply referred to as a rotary drill or drill bit, it is an instrument that is chiefly used for drilling purposes in the mining industry as well as in some other similar tasks. The main purpose of using a drill bit is to drill holes. There are three cones present in these drilling instruments. These cones have edges made up of steel or tungsten carbide. The edges of the drill bits are used for drilling the holes as these are quite sharp and hence help in the accomplishment of this task well. When the drill bit is rotated against the bottom of the hole under extremely heavy pressure, the process of drilling is initiated and completed within no time. Let us now discuss the drill bits in a somewhat detailed manner.

Used For Drilling Varieties Of Surfaces

It is worth noting that the application or use of rotary drill bit is not limited to the mining industry. In fact, this useful equipment can be used for drilling a wide variety of different types of structures or formations. These may include softer as well as harder structures. It means you can use drilling bits to drill exceptionally soft as well as the hardest of structures equally well. For different types of structures, different types of drilling bits are used.

Types Of The Drill Bits

There are two main types of drill bits that are used in the relevant industry. These are roller cone bits and fixed cutter bits. The former type is equally useful in the case of soft as well as hard structures. On the other hand, the latter type can be used for drilling a wide array of formations of different types and natures that are located at varying depths. In other words, drilling bits of different types are available to drill the superficial as well as deeply located structures. The entire task is eased with the use of such high-tech equipment.

Use Of Rotary Motion

As suggested by the name, a rotary drill bitregardless of its type and size uses continuous circular motion to drill the given surface and make a hole in it. The drill bit keeps on turning continuously till the desired size of the hole is achieved. In this process, rotating bit and drilling mud are used so that rock formations or other solid structures may be cut. The concept of rotary motion in the entire process proves to be effective and useful.

This was all about the drill bits that are used widely in the mining industry as well as other strenuous tasks wherein drilling needs to be done on certain surfaces. The use of rotational force in this mechanism helps in easing the entire task.