metal stamping

What are the various types of metal stamping?

Metal stamping is known as the manufacturing process that is used to convert the flat metal sheet into any specific shape and design. It is a very complex process and includes a variety of metal forming techniques that includes bending, punching, blanking and piercing. There are thousands of companies available in the market worldwide that assure to provide high-quality metal stamping services to their customers to deliver components and products for the industries in aerospace, medical, automotive and many others.

The metal stamping company assure to provide the best possible help to industries who required quickly produced and a large number of complex parts to fulfill their manufacturing needs. Many of these companies offer custom metal stamping services to make their customers happy and satisfied. Metal stamping is known as one of the costs effective and quick solution to fulfill the large quantity needs of manufacturers in an effective manner. Manufactures who want metal part stamped generally look for a company that offers high quality and durable products at low prices and fulfills their needs in a fast turnover time that helps to make their business successful.

What are the various types of metal stamping?

Metal stamping techniques have different parts that include progressive, four slide and deep draw. Each of the metal stamping types is mentioned here in an effective manner:

Progressive Die Stamping

This type of metal stamping features a number of stations and each of the stations has their unique function that helps to produce a quality product. In this type, the strip metal is feds through the progressive stamping press and the strip unrolls from a coil where each and every section in the process perform a cut, bend and punch that give different shape and design to the product.

Fourslide stamping

The four slide stamping includes horizontal alignment and four different slides that are used effectively to give a proper shape to the product. The process allows complex bends and intricate cuts to develop and create a complex part. As the name implies, it has four slides or tools that are used to achieve multiple bends in the product.

Deep draw stamping

In this type of stamping, a sheet metal blank is pulled via a punch that helps to form a shape and help you to get the desired product. This method is known as deep drawing at the time when the depth of the drawn parts exceeds the diameter. It is a cost-effective way to metal stamping and used to produce automotive components.

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