What are the Things you can Store in a Storage Unit?

What are the Things you can Store in a Storage Unit?

Selecting a correct storage space for your belongings is not an easy task. You should possess knowledge about things you can store and things you can’t store. At the time renting a storage service, you have to follow the guidelines of the company at anyhow. The storage units near you have a list of permitted items which you can move and store in the unit for a long time or short time duration. If you are hiring a storage unit for an extended period, but you don’t know about the things you can store, then you should consult with authorities of the company for better understanding and to get a clear vision about agreements, which you are going to sign further.

Usually, you are not allowed to put any flammable, antique or illegal drugs. You need to take proper guidance from a storage unit. As a wise person, you should not store items which are perishable, i.e., which is deteriorates after some time like food items, vegetables, etc.

Here is the list of things which you can store in a storage unit, and the following items are permitted in the unit-

Home appliances

If you want to store your dishwasher, washing machine or microwave oven or refrigerator or any other home appliance then you can store it in the storage unit. But you should make them dry and free from the moisture so that there is no fungus or bacteria generate in them.  You should keep this point in your mind so that your home appliances are safe in the unit.

Furniture or wooden items

Wooden items like chairs, sofa, cupboards, sofas, and mattresses are permitted to store in the storage units. You can unscrew your items so that they can acquire less space in the unit and in this way, you can also save some amount of money.

Kids toys and clothes

You can store kids’ toys, clothes or any other memorable item which are not usable now but you want to store them as a memory of your children. You can be selective in these items that which is the most important thing to store and stuff you don’t need to store. You can also distribute the extra items in the poor peoples also.

Small and medium vehicles

If you are planning to rent an ample space for storing your belongings and then you can also store your vehicles like car, motorbikes with appropriate packaging. So that they will not damage in the environment there and they will be functional condition after removal of items from the unit.

Decoration item

Wall paintings, flower pots, and other decoration accessories, you can store them in the unit. The safety of those items depends on your skill of packing them in a shock resisting box. You can also use bubble wrap to pack which provide vibration protection to them.

Some of the storage unit in Philadelphia, PA

Public storage units

  • 7000 Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19153
  • 2190 Wheatsheaf Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19137
  • 2345 Castor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134
  • 2190 Wheatsheaf Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19137

Extra space storage

  • 2300 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19146
  • 4433 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144
  • 59 Levering ton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19127
  • 116, Fountain St, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Storage units will not allow every household item in their space because they want to keep other customer belongings safe and secure. So before renting a storage unit, consult with the unit manager to get an idea about these things.