What are the reasons Vidmate app has stormed the popularity charts?

What are the reasons Vidmate app has stormed the popularity charts?

The market of mobile video steaming is a lot competitive of late. With entry of Amazon Prime and Netflix into the domain of video steaming market, quality content has evolved. Though platforms like YouTube end upproviding free video steaming for the users, ads are known to accompany them. Via these ads these platforms cough up revenue. As a user you are bound to be heckled by these ads and de flattens your user experience. The worst part is that these ads are long and most of the time not of interest, so a user is left with no other option rather than to close the app.

Of late Vidmate app has really been a revelation. It ends up providing hundreds of videos to customers without any charge. As compared to the other apps a user does not have to pay for any subscription fee charges at all. Indeed there are some major factors contributing to making Vidmate app a popular one and they are as follows

  • Free download- A user with this app has an option to download a video as per their likes. In fact the downloaded videos can be watched anytime without the need of an internet connection. This app provides users with file options for downloading the videos. A user can download videos in any format as per their choice
  • Download at higher speeds- this app has the feature to throttle the downloading speed of your device. When you are downloading this app you have the option of increasing the downloading bandwidth. Not only it enhances your download speed but saves time. This is a unique feature of this app and the speed works out to be much greater than the 3 G connections.
  • Secure connection- Another notable feature of this app is a secure connection. When you are using this app you will figure out that no hacker is snapping their eyes on you or even your mobile device. Secure connections also points to the fact that your phone stays away from any virus or malware.
  • Downloading is possible without an account- Most of the Android devices require a Google account to download. Even the users are not going to need any social media accounts, if they are looking to download this app. From the official website it is possible to download the app easily
  • From Vidmate YouTube videos can be downloaded- as compared to any other app, Vidmate allows you to download videos from any format and share it via Facebook or Whatsapp.Even from the app you can end up downloading the videos. The entire process works out to be easy as you just need to copy paste the link on to the browser. Another option would be to search it via the Vidmate app as it is going to detect the YouTube URL automatically for you.

In a nutshell, the video library of Vidmate library is large. With thousands of videos to choose from a user is never going to be bored.

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