What Are The Advantages of Hiring Conveyancing Solicitors In Essex?

Conveyancing solicitors do a lot in comparison to just paperwork. Here, we are going to mention this process, whether you are a purchaser or a seller.

You would be forgiven in the context of thinking that conveyancing solicitors are truly involved in the paperwork when it is all about purchasing a home. Moreover, they do a whole lot more indeed. They are known for transferring title deeds and arranging searches and can truly introduce really helpful legal advice when issues come up in a survey.

Here, we are going to mention the different sorts of conveyancing professionals and what happens. Let’s understand why to hire a Conveyancing Solicitors Essex.

Conveyancing Solicitors

A conveyancing solicitor is a truly qualified practising solicitor who can undertake the conveyancing process on your behalf. They truly hold wider training in different areas of the law. This extra knowledge is probably useful if you are truly dealing with different legal matters at the same time in the form of purchasing a home.

Licensed Conveyancers

With the rise in home ownership in the 1980s, a change in the law meant that conveyancing could also be carried out by specialist lawyers regarded as “license conveyances.” The most significant factor is that licensed conveyancers lack solicitors’ level of expertise in various legal fields. They are truly qualified lawyers who are known for dealing exclusively following property law.

Here, it needs to mention that they operate under a different regulatory framework from Conveyancing Solicitors Essex regarded as the council for licensed conveyancers. They are truly responsible in the context of setting and maintaining professional standards in the industry.

DIY Conveyancing

Here, it is needed to mention that you will probably be surprised to learn that anyone can act in the form of conveyance. To put it in simple words, nothing prevents homebuyers from carrying out the legal process themselves. The DIY Conveyancing Solicitors Essex route is not one we would recommend and the process is truly complicated and the risk of having something wrong is truly high. Missing specific elements in a contract or following up on a property search could truly mean issues following the property or your rights in the form of as an owner and they are missed.


Conveyancing is known for referring to the legal process of transferring property or piece of land from one owner to another indeed. There are normally two prominent steps to the process including the exchange of contract when the contract details are agreed upon and completion when the legal titles are passed over. To put it in simple words, it can be accomplished either by a general solicitor or the conveyance of a solicitor who has chosen to specialize in property law or the legal work surrounding conveyancing.