Top Reasons to do the Agile Project Management Courses

If you want to further your career, a skill upgrade becomes a necessity. Over the last 5 years, the functioning of enterprises has changed due to technological advances, the internet, machine learning, the adaptation of AI, predictive technology and data analytics. Teams too have changed and were reoriented by the Scrum and Agile tenets. Open organisation communicate with small teams of experts working in a Scrum framework and by applying Agile principles. The results were flexibility, increased the productivity of marketable products during a project life cycle, cost-saving, and increased profits of course.

The PMI-ACP professional becomes a confident implementer of Agile principles and is invaluable to organisations since the Agile implementation of a Scrum framework, scores by

  • Implementing rapid release-cycles
  • Forging teamwork collaborations
  • Ensuring project-management
  • Helping solve interruptions and distractions to the common goal quickly

These Agile Scrum skills can never be self-taught or learned without effective interactions with teams and practising relentlessly Agile Scrum values. If you wish to upgrade your skills, then do a PMI-ACP course to learn and practice the latest skills and techniques. When you feel you have the adequate skills, take the certification exams. 

The training and skill upgradation

Most institutes are affiliated with the Project Management Institute, Inc. and use only PMI® approved courseware. 24 hours of classroom sessions moderated by an Agile certified trainer helps you accumulate 21 PDUs/ SEUs mandated to prove your experience in Agile Project Management. They may also conduct a mock exam to prime you for the final certification exam. Some offer 100-day access to free e-learning modules, and a downloadable e-book which can serve as your quick reference guides.

Curriculum contents:

You will gain comprehensive knowledge with a view to helping you qualify in the exams which includes

  • The functional Agile roles, and components like Framework, Artifacts, and other resource tools
  • Mitigation of risks and gaining competitive edge practices
  • Timelines, Agile values, techniques, best-practices and others
  • Practice and learn crucial handling skills to deal with issues like emotional intelligence, collaboration, resolutions, conflicting relationships, and many more
  • Resource evaluation for defect-density reduction, risk reduction, transparency building, and the sellable products to increase project and organisational value

About the PMI-ACP certification exam

The course will augment your skills and practices in the Agile suite to make you exam-prepared for the PMI-ACP® certification exam. The global comprehensive training materials, ample number of assignments and practical sessions, interaction and mentoring by industry-drawn practitioners of Agile, lab sessions, case-studies, and real-time actual conflict resolutions will enable a confident step into the certification process.

Agile principles suitable for implementation of both large and small enterprises are certified by the Project Management Institute-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® which is an acclaimed and coveted credential. The certification endorses your competency and skills in the implementation of Agile project management principles.

The certification needs requisite PMI-ACP training, expertise in practical application, components of Agile, its principles, techniques, tools and best practices for Agile scaling and work-experience in transitioning teams to Agile. The PMI-ACP® online exam is for three hours and comprises of 120 multi-choice question/answer type questions. 20 of these do not carry any value and are distributed randomly. It is essential to score accurately and rightly to get a high score.