Top 6Skills to Do Well in PHP Developer Jobs as Freelancers

With digitalization and online businesses, the need for PHP developers is increasing in our country. Candidates in PHP developer jobs are required to write, test and maintain the source code for programs, apps and websites that use PHP language, which is a server-side scriptingmainly used for web development and business applications. It has been reported that till January 2019, more than 78% of the websites of many organizations and businesses are designed using server-side PHP programming language. Hence, PHP developer jobs are in great demand in the software development market, all across India and globally.

6 essential skills in PHP Developer Jobs

We present below the 6 essential skills that candidates require to succeed in PHP developer jobs, especially when they are in an independent contractual role or as freelancers:

Software skills

Since your basic profile is in software coding and development, as a PHP developer, you should be an expert not only in writing PHP coding but also in other software languages and coding. It is advisable to know properly websites coding like as HTML,CSS, programming languages like as Java, Java Script and so on. This gives you an added advantage over other developers and gives you better chances in PHP developer jobs.

Learn what you don’t know

Just as it is important to know how much you can do to develop a user-friendly website, it is also important for you to know what you don’t know. It has been found that many new PHP developers do not know how totake the baby-steps in the market, where there is stiff competition and it becomes difficult to find entry-level PHP developer jobs. So, fresh candidates should know how to read proposal requests and how to put forward bids on jobs that they can do efficiently. If candidates do not try to understand what they don’t know, they will end up over committing yourself and damaging their reputation in the long run.

Communication skills

When you get into PHP developer jobs as a contractual worker or as a freelancer, your communication skills play a vital role. Though the actual job role is more of creativity and your expertise, in order to get more and better projects, in order to remain in the good books of your clients, your communication skills play a vital role. How you interact with your clients, how you give reply to their mails, how you communicate are every important. Professionalism should depict in both your written and verbal communication, which unfortunately many PHP developers lag. If you lag these skills, you should definitely improve it.

Project Management

As an independent freelancer, you won’t have anyone to guide you or anyone to remind you on your deadlines. It is your responsibility entirely to get projects, complete it and meet your deadlines. So, when in PHP developer jobs, you have decided to work as an independent contractor, you should definitely have good project management skills, failing of which, you may not get repeat clients. So, when you handle multiple projects and multiple clients at the same time duration, make sure you know how to manage your own time, manage the projects, deliver them on time,and build a great reputation for yourself.

Finance management

Since you are on your own, you have to manage your own business’ finances. You should definitely know how to manage the day-to-day finances of your freelancing business. There are many aspects to take into consideration, including setting a fair rate for yourself on the basis of the market rates and the taxes that need to be paid out of your business income in PHP Developer jobs.


Last but not the least, in any professional job, networking is very important for your career growth and better job prospects. Especially, when you work as a freelancer in PHP Developer jobs, it is very essential to expand your network so as to create an identity of yourself and get better and more referrals for freelancing projects. Use social media profiles like as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to network with clients and other developers as well.