The Neumann U87

The Neumann U87 is a big deal in the voice over industry and the world over, but what makes it so popular?

Why is the Neumann U87 so good?

It is considered one of the best mics you can buy, for a variety of uses due to its wide range. The Neumann U87 enables you to switch between 3 different polar patterns:

  • Omni, allows you to capture sound from all around.
  • Figure Eight, allows you to capture sound from the front and back of the mic. Which is ideal for a radio host and a guest.
  • Finally, Cardioid, which ignores all audio apart from what’s directly in front of the mic. Perfect for voice-overs!

The U87 microphone is a top of the range industry standard microphone, specifically one of the best-known studio microphones the world over buy spotify plays. Its versatility and warm balanced characteristics are appreciated.

The Most Famous Microphone in the World

The Neumann U87 has most famously been used by well-known artists like the Bee Gees to record “Stayin’ Alive.”

Voice Talent Online uses the U87 mic in its studio when filming voice overs with the likes of Len Goodman and Joe Pasquale.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Neumann U87 is a brilliant all-purpose microphone for professional setups. Perfect for capturing clear and rich audio in a studio environment. The perfect addition to Voice Talent Online’s high-end, custom-built recording booth.

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