Small Startup Ideas Of 2019 That Will Help You Make Some Money

Small Startup Ideas Of 2019 That Will Help You Make Some Money

With 2019 flourishing with business ideas, it becomes really hard to find out the ones which are worth pursing for a long time. You are planning to create a business that will not just prove to be profitable for you in this year but also can work for a longer term. You will come across so many business ideas on list, which are growing quite a lost at this present moment. It is true that jumping on any new trend can be quite risky to say the last, but it can also prove to be quite rewarding. Some noteworthy e-commerce ideas might have been popular for a longer time span, which makes it quite competitive but less risky in nature. There are some examples that you can follow, in order to make some lucrative bucks as expected.

Some of the low investment ideas:

Not everyone is stuffed or loaded with money to start a big business instantly. There are some ways you can invest less amount of money and start business, especially as a startup venture. You will come to learn more about these ways from and let chalk down the ones, which suit your startup venture the most.

Removing blackheads:

In case, you are aiming for a business idea for the startups with low investment in it, then you can start with probably items, which will cost you less but comes with massive audience appeal. This blackhead removal business has been in craze since 2018 and has been rapidly growing since then. It is a low investment business for sure but a long term one, which every startup dutifully needs.

  • The main thing about blackheads is that it keeps coming back. You can try using countless items and they will still keep coming back.
  • So, if you are dealing with blackhead removal products then you will have a continuous marketing business for sure. For the starters out there, you can continue selling your removal products for years.
  • It further shows that this niche is not going to go away soon as this niche is quite promising among the masses. Plus, you can start it off with this niche and then later expand it into multiple other verticals within the skin care routine.

So, let’s start with the marketing strategy now. At first, you have to start off with a blog, which is going to be long term business plan. It helps in building out that foundation right from day one on how to remove blackheads, caring for the skin and then beauty will help you to become authority in the said niche down the road. The strategy needs to be strong so you can actually write some of the longer blog posts of a minimum of 2000 words. You can update article for every 6 months designed for content freshness and its accuracy. Get the article optimized for 1 main keyword and around 3 to 4 secondary ones.

Start a back massager option:

For those people who are actually sitting in some of the sedentary positions on a daily basis and for long, back pain is sure to take place. It is one huge market that you have to cater to. Quicker Google search with the keyword extensions can show that there are around 246,000 monthly searches associated with back pain.

  • Most of the secondary keywords in this category will be remedy, relief and causes. So, people are likely to get more interested in knowing where the pain comes from and ways to stop it. You can take this note for your upcoming business too.
  • If you can end up selling back massagers, then you are actually helping people to minimize the symptoms that the customers can feel while solving massive issue. Not everyone is able to afford a professional massage for help. But, your back massager can actually help in alleviating the problems.
  • For promoting your startup business idea revolving around back massager, you need to focus at the market first. For that, you can create a blog post relating to back pain. Create an article to solve it now. Then you can go on to social media and then add hash tags to LinkedIn and Twitter while sharing article.
  • For that, you might need FB pixel or Google one to be installed on the site before you start sharing. People can always find article and then read it if they are experiencing issues with the back. Upon visiting your website, you can have retargeting ad to win them back.

Starting a business with Photo Printer:

With the recent issue revolving around MySpace losing songs on the platform because of some server issue, it might be good to save hardcopy of online photos, Google Drive and Facebook in general. For that, photo printers might seem that blast from past. This addition of nostalgia will add that element of fun to it and can bring back those old print photos. So, for any business idea revolving around photography, you can add photo printer as one major item. Therefore, your printers do not always have to be a standalone niche in here.

Go for the Voice translator:

With passing time, it is true that the world will become wider. Business ideas revolving around translation will prove to be one major market. Even you have Google Translate, which gets around 277 M monthly searches, which will prove that people are in need of translating services.

  • If you are a business owner, selling your services or products to international audience in different languages will help you get some more audience. For that, translator is the help. So, you and get into this business for a profitable approach.
  • You can even get to the travelers, who can easily communicate with people of other countries with the help of this language translation help. You can sell your voice translators to such lots easily.

Make sure to check out some of the other small startup ideas as well, which are designed to help you earn some bucks in an easy manner.