How To Store Unused Fireworks

Diwali is around the corner, and the markets are flooded with décor, food items and fireworks! Both adults and children love to shoot some to celebrate and express their joy, and many spend lots of money on it. You can shoot as many fireworks as you want until the local authorities allow you, but after that, you have no other option but to store them till the next time you can.

Now, the challenge is that these might get affected by moisture and other environmental conditions, and your money goes to waste. Hence, you must know the apt storage options to keep the fireworks in a crisp condition. If you store the Diwali fireworks in the appropriate manner, they will be as good as new whenever you want to burst them. Moreover, it will help save a lot of your money as you will have the leftovers in your stock. So, let us discuss some expert tips to help you store your fireworks.

Tips For Storing Your Unused Fireworks

Choose A Container

Pick a container with a lid to put all your unused fireworks. Ensure that the box is airtight, as moisture can ruin the crispness of the crackers, making them unfit for use after a few months. So, if you do not have such a box available, buy one and half of your job.

Get A Lock Case

Once you have placed the fireworks in an air-tight container, put them in a locked container. Label the box so that everybody knows what is inside and they do not try to open it unnecessarily. Moreover, the lock case will keep the fireworks protected and safe as they are inflammable.

Temperature Control

Keep your firework box away from areas where the temperature is over 54-degree Celcius. If the space is too hot, the fireworks can catch fire and cause significant disasters. If nobody notices this fire soon, it can spread to the entire household, causing lots of damage.

Avoid Humid Spaces

People often place the box in humid corners of their homes, due to which their unused Diwali firecrackers get damp and are no longer fit for use. You will not be able to light these crackers, and that will eventually finish the purpose of saving the firecrackers for later use.

Keep Children Away

Children keep exploring or peeking into the corners of the home, and they might even want to see what’s in the box with a lock! Moreover, as they like shooting Diwali fireworks, they might want to take them out and play. So, it is another vital task to keep the storage box away from the reach of children.

These simple yet effective tips can help you store your unused fireworks properly and keep them in a crisp condition for later use. Once you have placed them in the right place, avoid moving them around multiple times. Moreover, ensure you use them the following year, as keeping them for more than a year can ruin them.