How to Start Investing? A Short Guide

Investments play an important part to handle emergencies. Also, it helps in achieving specific goals. It is the saving that you use to fulfill your goals.

It is not difficult to invest money because you just take a small amount of your salary or pocket money. There are many ways to invest your money.

You can read the complete detail on Avocadough Toast. Let’s just discuss the procedure through which you can invest your money.

Use the Cookie Jar Approach

Investing money is another form of saving. To invest money in some project you have to save it first. It will take some time if the project is long, but if the project is not costly then within a short period, you can save it.

Start saving your money as early as possible to reach your goals. As a first step, put some money in the empty cookie jar as your mini bank. To save $500 per year you just have to put $10 into the jar every week.

It is not important to specifically use a cookie jar you can use any box to save your money so that you can keep them in a secret place. It will be built a habit to save money. When the Jar gets full you can take your money out of it.

Again, start this procedure of saving money until the Jar gets full. You can also use multiple Jars if you have more than one goal. Once you get this habit of saving money then switch to the latest one.

People use bank accounts to save money. It is the safest way to save a large amount of money. First, you need to open an account in the bank. A small amount of money is required to open your account.

For security reasons, the bank demands your phone number so that you get a reminder for all the activities that relate to your bank account. You can deposit your money by filling in a cheque. But there are two ways to withdraw money.

One is with a cheque and the other is with the ATM card. With the help of an ATM card, you can withdraw money anywhere at any time. It is a more convenient way to take out your money.

Select an amount to invest

The investment amount depends upon your goal or target which you want to fulfill. The first investment that most people do is a long-term investment as their retirement plan.

People save an appropriate amount of money from their salaries. So that after retirement they can use this money and live their life peacefully without making an effort.

Saving money from the salary is considered as free money that anyone can use without any trouble. You can also set a specific goal as your retirement plan by saving 10 to 15% of the total salary every month.

To do this you have to stop spending on extra useless things. If your other investment goals, make a specific plan with a budget that you can easily save every week or month.

This plan will help you to calculate the time you need to achieve that goal. If the time is longer than your expectations then increase the amount to fulfill that goal in a short time.

Review all investment options

There are many ways to invest your money. It is important to know about all of them. As every option has its level of risk so you should know whether you are able for this investment or not.

It helps you to select the right investment option for yourself. If you do not know about the investment plans then have a look at the most popular options. So that you can pick the right one.

1. Stocks

The other name of stock is equity, it is a share of ownership in one company. People buy stocks for a share price. The price varies from single digits to a thousand dollars depending upon the market value of a company. It is considered better to buy a stock from mutual funds.

If you didn’t want to commit to a full share, or if a full share is simply above what you were willing to spend on one single investment, you may still be able to invest in a popular company by purchasing a fractional share through a service like SoFi That way you will own part of a share, and still be free to sell it on if you wish to do so in the future.

2. Bonds

It is a loan to a government entity or a company which they agree to pay you back in a couple of years. You get the interest in the meantime. Bonds have less risk level than stocks.

The reason is that you know the actual time and value of return that you get. But the return rate is very low that you can not only depend upon bonds. Invest your money in multiple places to make a good return rate at the end.

3. Mutual funds

A mixture of investment packages is known as mutual funds. It allows investors to buy a varying collection in one transaction instead of purchasing multiple bonds and stocks.

The level of risk is much lower in mutual funds than the individual stock. Professionals handle some funds that normal people may not afford.

But index funds are the type of mutual funds that a normal person can easily afford. Because in index funds all the additional costs are removed and also have a lower price rate.

4. Exchange-traded funds

Many individual investments are handled by ETFs that are bundled together. There is only one difference between exchange-traded funds and mutual funds.

It is that throughout the day ETFs trade like a stock and at the share price they are purchased. This share price is usually less than the mutual fund’s investment requirement.

For this reason, it is recommended to select exchange-traded funds investment plans for beginners. As they can start their investments at a low price.

4. Pick the best strategy for investment

Your investment strategy depends upon the goals that you want to achieve. If you can complete the goal within 5 years or less time then use a short-term investment strategy.

Do not invest in stocks and funds. Instead, keep your money in the bank and withdraw it when you reached the required limit. This is a risk-free strategy that only gives you benefits.

But if your goal is to make a retirement plan then you can invest in funds as it has some level of risk. Do not invest all your money in funds at a time. Start with a small value then if you get benefit invest more.


This is a simple procedure through which you made a large amount of investment. You have to just implement these steps if you want to achieve your goals. These steps help you to do both short-term and long-term investments.

Large investments come with big risks so keep your mind ready for all the situations. Make the best strategies to fulfill your target so that you can get more benefits.