How Games Proved To be Entertaining in Pandemic

Counter strike is one of the biggest games of the moment. The game has been played by more than fifty million gamers worldwide and once you’ve tried it, chances are the game will get you. It is a game that also regularly has free weekends, so you can easily try it.

Besides the fact that Rainbow Six Siege is a wonderful game to play, it is also a perfect one to watch. Especially when it comes to game, this is really a top game. The Grand Finals were held in Japan this week. In addition, the eight best teams from the Pro League were invited to a two-day tournament that saw 4,000 Japanese fans go crazy.

We are currently in a real corona crisis. From last year since corona pandemic breakout,we are trying to work from home as possible as we can, while my wife and I also give some homeschooling to our children. Then you sometimes want a distraction, for example by playing games such as esports counter strike.

You can play games online. There are many services to play online like steam is one of the largest game services in the world, where you can still play most games on the PC. Despite the fact that the Epic Game Store offers a lot of competition, Steam still proves to be extremely popular. And last weekend a new record was set.

Because people with the corona crisis are less likely to go outside and socialize, there is more time to spend indoors. Then you can of course continue to watch your favorite series on Netflix or investigate how you work best at home, but it is also possible to spend that with a game. And many gamers have done that. Because in the past weekend, measured over 24 hours, millions of gamers came online on Steam.

It concerns a total of 20,313,451 million gamers who were online on the platform in the past 24 hours. Not everyone was playing a game, only 6.4 million gamers did. Still, it is a new record. The previous record, about 19 million gamers, was set last month. This was largely achieved by the Chinese market, which was in lock-down at the time. Now, however, it is the European and American citizens who are inside. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the most popular game with more than a million gamers playing the game at the same time. This classic was followed by other popular games such as Dota 2 and PUBG. However, there is a good chance that it will be even busier in the near future.