Home Security Trends for 2020

Home security is an important aspect of our everyday living. And like we had conventional security systems like CCTV and deadbolt locks on our doors, we now have smart gadgets and devices that take advantage of the latest technological trends and features to keep our homes secure.

Technology does evolve pretty rapidly, and the things we use and rely on today may very well be outdated in a year. Trends tend to change very often, and it is expected that the home security game will look a bit different in 2020. Therefore, let’s take a look at some home security trends for 2020 that are expected to pick up a lot of steam in the nearby future.

Home cloud solutions will significantly impact the connected home security market

Home cloud solutions have a few different types of digital data. You have content, which includes pictures, videos and music, you have productivity, which includes contacts, documents and emails, and you have sensors, which is data that’s collected through e-health devices, smart meters, and other similar smart home devices.

When it comes to home security and alarm monitoring the content is critical, as you’ll want all that CCTV video stored somewhere. Therefore, increasing the amount of data creates a pretty strong demand for remote storage, as well as remote access. You have a host of home cloud solution companies that provide a variety of offers when it comes to home cloud solutions, and they’ll become increasingly important by 2020.

Arming your smart home alarm system remotely will become much easier

If you’re a homeowner that’s at least slightly concerned about security, chances are you have a home alarm system that’s connected to the internet. However, it’s obvious that a home security alarm system won’t be effective unless it’s armed. And people tend to forget things, so chances are you’ve forgotten to arm your alarm at some point when going out.

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Well, that’s about to change. At this point, there aren’t many companies that offer remote alarm arming via your smartphone, but that’s not going to be the case for much longer. To begin with, we will have apps that will let you check whether anyone is at home. If the home is vacant, you can easily arm your alarm system regardless of where you are.

Artificial intelligence will take over many of the tasks you need to do yourself today

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there’s a lot of hype surrounding artificial intelligence. It finds its way in many industries, and home security is one of them. While today the industry has merely scratched the surface when it comes to AI’s potential, that will change pretty soon.

So, what can AI do for you? Well, the most popular use for AI is going to be performing tasks that usually need human intelligence as well as computer vision. They include but are not limited to, extracting, analyzing and understanding certain types of information from videos or photos.

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Let’s take a look at this through an example. Today, if you have a smart camera, when you have someone in front of your house, chances are you get a notification on your phone. You then take it out and need to see whether that someone is friendly, or someone that shouldn’t be snooping around. It is your decision on whether you’re going to do something about it, or not. However, if you integrate AI into this, you have facial recognition that can detect whether that someone is a person who’s often at your house or a potential burglar that could be seeing your home as easy access to valuable items. The final call on whether you call the police or not will most likely still be yours, but AI will help you by giving you a report following the analysis, instead of you having to do things yourself.

What do we stand to gain with these trends?

The three trends we mentioned will very likely pick up a lot of steam in the nearby future. But, what do we have to gain if that happens? Are there significant benefits? Yes, there are, and they’re all things that will make our lives much easier.

Home cloud solutions will provide a centralized place where you can access all of your content that’s recorded from your home security system. Being able to arm the alarm remotely will give you peace of mind and prevent you from driving back home just to check whether you armed it or not. And last but not least, artificial intelligence will allow you to make decisions much easier and much faster, based on an already-made analysis. All things considered, the benefits of these home security trends for 2020 are more than obvious, and we’ll enjoy them pretty soon.