FIFA Game Guide Some Top Essential Tips

FIFA Game Guide: Some Top Essential Tips

We are presenting you the following factors to take into account to defend more efficiently maintain possession of the ball and attack with discretion in FIFA game. Click here for eFootball PES 2020 download.


Before you can run, you will have to learn to walk. Despite the fact that FIFA continues to be popular among both fans of esports and gamers, it is a very complex football title, with many types of shots, passes and dribbles. To learn the basics (or even the most advanced), we recommend that you take a look at the videos that EA Sports publishes in the main menu. You can also use the new FIFA Trainer help system (by pressing L3 in the match), which will provide you with tips and suggestions live. It would not hurt if you played a few games in the easiest difficulties and paid attention to the indications of the help system. Click here click here for more info about eFootball PES 2020.


Having learned the theory of FIFA, the time has come to put it into practice and for this there is nothing better than overcoming the different Games and Skill Challenges with the best possible mark. Some of these challenges may be a horror, but after several attempts, we know you will succeed. And they can also be a good fun with a different arcade touch from game to game. If you manage to master these Skill Games, you will be better prepared to face the FIFA experience (both online and offline) and you will know most of the secrets of the game system.

The art of a good defense

Defending in FIFA is a difficult experience and it has been since EA Sports switched to the manual defensive scheme. However, if it turns out to be too difficult for you, you can always switch to the classic scheme, which is almost automatic. You just have to go to the controls section and choose the “Legacy Defending” option. Apart from that solution, the other thing you can do is keep calm by defending: do not throw yourself crazy for the ball or the opponent will haggle you easily. Tranquility, patience and choosing the right time are the keys to a good defense.

Possession of the ball

Artificial intelligence in FIFA defends very well, so it is normal for some users to have a hard time keeping possession of the ball. If that is your case, the first thing you have to do is stop pressing the sprint button. The truth is that most players have the tendency to run with the ball, but this can be a big mistake. Try to pass the ball frequently, wait for your teammates to climb in attack and do not risk too much. In this way you will be able to maintain possession of the ball for longer.

Attack with criteria

There are several ways to attack in FIFA. You can focus on the area; defend far back and go on a counter attack; shoot from outside the area, or even mark a wall near the rivals. There is no better or worse way to attack, but you have to take into account the context of the team. If your strikers are small, centering will not be a very appropriate way of marking. On the other hand, if they are slow, it will not be easy to go on the counterattack which gazelle. Be smart when attacking and play with the strengths of your team.