Embrace the Trend of Online Proctoring in Your Organization

Embrace the Trend of Online Proctoring in Your Organization

There is no doubt that e-learning is the future of knowledge, the universal eLearning market is increasing extensively. The rapid growth has brought revolutionizing tools that are getting used widely. Amidst these things, one area that is gathering significance is the virtual proctoring space.   Organizations are making use of proctoring facilities so as to make sure that they can evaluate a candidate who is taking the test from another place.

Proctoring services have made it easy for organizations to take test from a distance that too without any doubts in mind. For those who are not familiar with this field, talkingabout Proctoring or Proctored Test, it is defined as a mechanism to make sure that there is the authenticity of the test taker and averts him/her from cheating. Prevention is possible through a proctor is present during the duration of the test.  A proctor is an individual who is trained and qualified to take care of student authentication and avert them from doing any type of cheating.

There are many organizations thatimplant their proctors at places of tests but since it is a tedious task; many people today are going towards advanced options in proctoring. In many of the instances tests are taken and that too without any proctor therein. What actually happens is that the candidates get monitored through a webcam and mike.  Throughout the duration of the test the candidates get recorded through a camera. In this way if there are any actions or movements that are suspicious, the test gets red flagged. Of course, in some of the instances there is a professional who looks at the candidate’s right through the camera throughout the test. It is like live proctoring. In other cases, the camera records everything and on the completion of the test, the recording gets accessed. The professionals quickly go through the recording and if there are any doubts or suspicions, needed actions area taken.

In simple words in an Online Exam Proctoring, the applicant gets monitored online during the time of the test typically with the help of a webcam, mike and access to the screen of the candidate.  In case you have some applicants that you want to appoint for a role but they are in another place, you can easily measure their caliber and take their test through these proctoring concepts. They would take the test and there won’t be any type of doubts about the authenticity of the test. Since your test is going to be monitored and is under supervision, there might be no doubts about the genuineness of the performance of the candidates.

What do the candidates need for this test?

Whoever is taking test through online proctoring system has to make sure that they have proper mike and webcam so that they can be screened throughout the test. Moreover, before the test begins the candidates have to show their room or space so that it can be made sure that there is nobody there apart from the candidate. Similarly, in some cases, there are tools installed wherein only the proctor can get the test started. The candidates have to fill a key combination so as to get start with their test. In this way the candidates can conveniently take the test right from their place. They just need to make sure that they fulfil these things for the proctoring tests and they are good to go.To be more precise the candidates would have to have the following things for the test:

  • A suitable device (Desktop PC/ Tablet/ Laptop/ or even Mobile)
  • A stable Internet connection with least 256kbps speed
  • An active and functional webcam and a good quality mike
  • In Laptop or computer , any of the contemporary browsers

Once your candidates have these required equipment and facilities at hand, they can appear in your test right from another place.   In this way you can easily examine your candidates that too without having any type of doubts in mind. You can be sure that the candidates have performed in the test in a righteous manner.

Recording proctoring: a quick glimpse

In recording method of proctoring, no proctor is going to look after the feed in real time. Instead, the audio-video and screen share stuff and feeds of the test applicants get taped during the test. A representative would play back the recordings in a fast-forwarded way and red-flags any kind of doubtful activity through comments. The great thing is that it removes both schedule and place restraints. However, it still needs individuals to do the proper review and hence it is not actually scalable and might be a costly affair for you.  However, if you have a good budget, you can definitely go for this.

What exactly is live proctoring?

In the live proctored test, a proper and educated proctor is going to monitor the audio-video and screen share of the applicants. He keeps an eye on all the things throughout the test. In this manner, there would be no scope of cheating or any sneaky deeds. In a characteristic sense the service provider for proctoring will have individuals sitting in a remote location that have been qualified and trained to guarantee the authentication of the candidates and   rule out any type of cheating. A proctor can effortlessly monitor up to sixteen to thirty two candidates at a time depending on the provider. The most attractive advantage of this model is that it eliminates the place constraint of proctoring. Of course, you would not have to think twice if you have candidates for the test from different states or cities. You can easily conduct a test and make sure they take it for showing their caliber. You never know you come across finest candidates that too without any hassle.


So, when you are taking advanced steps in all scenarios then you must take steps in tests too. Proctoring can take you a level up in your tasks and productivity!