Can a Workers’ Compensation Insurer Attend Your Medical Appointments?

When you are injured at a workplace, your employer or his workers’ compensation insurer is responsible for covering your financial costs for the injuries and the loss of income due to your injury. Every worker has the right to seek compensation without proving anyone’s fault. However, when you seek medical treatment, there are high chances that the insurance company will send their case manager to attend your medical appointments. These case managers may appear as if they care about you, but the reality is that they are there to find any means to deny or reduce your claim.

It is essential to seek legal advice from a Virginia Beach workers’ comp lawyer to know if your rights are being violated or not.

Are insurance companies allowed to monitor or attend your medical appointments?

No specific rule prohibits the company from not attending your medical appointment or monitoring your injuries. The case managers will attend your appointments and report back to your employer, its carrier, and the insurance company. Sometimes they try to intervene in your injuries and ask questions to your physician about the intensity of your injury and when you can possibly return to work. 

These case managers claim to be the patient’s advocate, but this is far from reality. The sole purpose of the insurance company is to try to give you as little compensation as possible.

Can you deny a case manager from attending your medical appointments?

Under Virginia’s workers’ compensation, you cannot deny or objectify the insurance case manager from attending or monitoring your medical appointments. However, your doctor or physician can decide whether they can attend the appointments. You can ask your physician not to discuss your injuries or recovery with the insurance case manager and protect your rights. The physician can maintain your privacy and prevent the insurance company from intervening. Moreover, this will allow you to get the needed treatment to recover and get back at work successfully.

Should you contact a lawyer?

You must seek immediate help from an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. The lawyer will work with your physician to ensure that your employer or the insurance company does not intervene in your medical appointments and ensure that your rights are well-preserved. Additionally, the lawyer knows all the minor dos and don’ts of the law, so you will be on a safer side under their guidance and get maximum compensation to cover your injuries and the losses related to them.