Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR issues, as reported by users

An engineer endeavors perfection while building a new technology. Giving full consideration to the minutest details, the new model gets created with the most handsome technology but possessing some issues, unfortunately. Talking about the Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, though they got built with advanced technology, several issues concerning these expensive models lingered.

Though the company is trying hard to upgrade the technology day by day, the new successors of iPhone models still appear short on some techniques. If you iPhone needs frequent repairs then you should visit a specialist for the best cell phone repair in San Francisco. Here is the list of issues these models are delivering along with them.

Charge Gate:

Charging has been a noted problem following the launch of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Even after the cable gets plugged in and the screen is turned off, the phone refuses to charge. This concern takes place after a particular time when a structure in Apple disables the lightning port.It was to be made sure by the iPhone users that they plug in the lightning cables and turn off the screen before they begin to charge the mobile. Though unspecific to either of the phones, this particular condition affects all iOS devices running iOS 12. Hence, it becomes essential to review before purchasing a new model. A beta version of iOS 12 was released after this issue came to light.


The faceID has successfully replaced the patterns and number lock for unlocking and locking the mobiles. Comparing with Android smartphones, the security of the iPhone is accurate, as well as expeditious. Regrettably, the users of the new series iPhone are complaining about the unworking of the FaceID following a software update. The problem has transpired after the users got the phone updated to iOS 12.1/12.1.1. After examining, it was concluded that the problem can be resolved by registering your face again from scratch.

Faulty Green Line on the OLED Display:

The LCD got replaced to the OLED panels with the launch of the then model of the iPhone X. Both the following models after the previous year’s X model have also owned OLED displays. These displays are not prone to issues in their early shelf life and are known to burn in and offer a blue tinge. Despite an advanced screen display, an Australian user proclaimed that his Brand new iPhone XS Max has a faulty display. A green line appeared to be arising from the top to the bottom of the device. In case the issue is not caused due to a customer’s negligence, under warranty, the company will probably replace the faulty display. Make sure to check for such problems in the new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max before using it.

Selfie Camera Issue:

The way the models iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max produced selfie shots, the critics before the sale reviewed that this problem may persist in the new iPhone models. softer to the normal skin tone got reported when the beauty mode was turned on. This particular problem was due to an algorithm that relies upon the new smart HDR feature of the company. Due to the default settings on the iPhone, resetting the beauty feature is next to impossible except if the smart HDR feature is entirely on. Many users have got annoyed due to this, which has benefitted the rival companies.

Poor WiFi and LTE Performance:

A weak WiFi and the cellular connection is a recurring issue in each new model released. When compared to the previous models, some tests concluded that the new models seemed to have disappointing radio frequency performance, which may be a cause of switching over to Intel modems.

Wrapping up

The said errors have a varying outcome as per the use. If any of the mentioned bugs are concerning you, call iPhone repair store in San Francisco and get it fixed to get the phone keep going.