All You Need To Know About How To Tone 613 Hair And Blonde Hair Color


Suppose you are a dedicated fashionista or a fashion school student or can be even a fashion admirer. In that case, you are well aware of the daily rapid changes the fashion industry faces. Every time you turn around, a new designer pops up in the headlines or a new style trend you can see on the streets. The New Year has prompted many girls to spice up their hairstyles. One of the latest fashion trends is the two-tone hairstyle; you can see it all over the streets of many vibrant cities. If you’re looking to refresh yourself in the world to welcome the fashion life, then listen to this fashion expert’s guide to learn how to tone 613 hairstyles. If you add a little unexpected pop of color to your hair, you can catch the eye wherever you go.

How does the essential toning work?

  • The first step is to divide the hair horizontally around the circumference of the head. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but once you’ve got a fair amount of straight hair, part the top half away from the bottom half.
  • You can do this by gathering the top half of your hair in a pile on top of your head and making sure there aren’t any scattered hairs hanging down. After you have a clear gap between the top and bottom hair, it’s time to start coloring. For 613 hairstyles, you can do 613 blonde hair colors. Most people usually try a lighter tint at the top and fade to a darker color at the bottom. However, two tons of your hair are an opportunity to get creative, so you must choose two colors you want to complement and compliment your face color.
  • If you want a unique look, choose a pastel shade mixed with blonde or any other natural hair color. Make sure you blend both colors skillfully if you choose a pastel tone. Start at the top and carefully comb through the hair dye from the center outwards. Once the top is done, wrap your dyed hair with cling film or a plastic cap and repeat the same process with the bottom half. Once you’ve applied the dye to your hair, allow plenty of time for the paint to set.
  • Once the dye is completely absorbed, rinse each section of hair separately, then blow dry and style accordingly. If all goes well, the result will be an enchanting two-tone haircut that can add a splash of vibrancy and color to anyone’s look.

Few techniques to know:

  • The coloring techniques used:

Hair dyes are available in the market with many stages and effects. Many coloring techniques differ in their advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve never dyed your hair before, finding the right chemical solution to mask the gray that can be traced back to the source is essential. You can use different coloring techniques, some of which are free on the web.

  • Dyeing your hair at your own home:

You can dye your hair at home as long as you understand the basics of how to do it.


We have all seen how to tone 613 hair and about 613 blonde hair color. But one thing to remember is that anyone can spot and imitate a trend. Still, true fashionistas are the ones who can decipher the timeless elements of sophistication and style.