AI manufacturing solutions – Boost up workforce productivity

AI manufacturing solutions – Boost up workforce productivity

None of the business owner likes workplace accidents to happen in the manufacturing unit. They provide proper training and take all measure to prevent accidents and dangers to happen in the unit. But it is quite miserable that still, accidents are common in manufacturing units. It happens just because of the negligence or drawbacks in workforce and workplace safety. Are you sure that all of your workforces follow SOPs strictly to assure personal and workplace safety? If not, it is the time to buy a solution that gives real-time alerts on any of the deviations from SOPs.

Make use of AI manufacturing solutions

Why workplace accidents and lack of productivity happens even though you make use of CCTV surveillance? The reason is that it lacks reporting of real-time deviations to the concerned persons or department to prevent severe accidents and to monitor the efficiency of working units. Here comes the importance of manufacturing solutions from a reputed AI solution provider. The solution can be easily added, installed and integrated with the existing surveillance system and can be customized as per the unique requirements of the manufacturing units.

Workforce monitoring

The solution assures better monitoring of the workforce to make sure that everyone has adhered to safety gear rules. AI solution check for safety helmets, goggles, shoes, etc. that comes as a part of the uniform and protective clothing. The power of computer vision with the benefit of AI easily detects the person who has not adhered to the protective measures and alerts will be sent to concerned persons or department to make a notice of the same and to take immediate decisions. This solution increases the importance of awareness of adhering to safety measure to assure maximum safety for the workforce in the manufacturing units.

Workplace monitoring

The best AI solution for manufacturing units can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements. The entire activities of both workforce and workplace can be monitored and alerts can be generated for any of the activities or movements that are against standard operating procedure with a single system. The solution checks for the forklifts to stop at stopping points, check whether the employees allow customers to dangerous areas, monitors unauthorized access and more. You can add all of the devices you need to monitor with the manufacturing analytic solution to generate alerts on malfunctioning of the devices.

Better monitoring of assets

There could be several assets in your manufacturing unit. Do you doubt anyone misuses or misplaces the asset with any wrongful intention? Define these assets to the AI analytic solution. It will generate alerts when those assets are misused or moved. Any of the assets can be added to the database of the system and it helps you a lot in the dumping of unnecessary assets. Asset management can be done with maximum efficiency to keep the business assets in the right volume.

These are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy with a perfectly designed artificial intelligence solution in manufacturing. The solutions are really affordable and worth the investment when compared with its benefits.