Acknowledging The Virtual Phone Numbers

Acknowledging The Virtual Phone Numbers

Call forwarding facility is now only a step away with the help of virtual phone number. The customers have been given a great help for making calls to the company anytime and getting their queries solved in no time. It happens many a times that we are busy on some call and someone else is also ringing us. In this case, the call of the other person might also be important. In this case scenario, one way out possible is that you have a call forwarding facility. The call must be connected to some other phone number also or a voice mailbox. In this case all the extra incoming calls can be forwarded to other number in case your current number is busy.

The features of how to forward calls are enlisted through a virtual phone number are as follows:

  • If we connect a call to a specific single phone number, only that bell will ring every time
  • There is a facility of connecting a call to several phone numbers at the same time. The one who picks up first and receive the call
  • The advantage of transferring the number to the voice mailbox is that it can be connected in case nobody picks up the call or all are busy.
  • Forward settings have to be changed accordingly based on working and non working hours
  • Since there are black call lists also known as blocked number lists and white call lists, these also have to be kept in mind while selecting forward settings
  • The queue feature ought to be used to put the calls in an ordered queue so that the rest of the customers wait until the calls are handled and are dealt with after sometime
  • The group can also be contacted in case needed however this is not a clear call forwarding feature

In order to forward calls to a cell phone:

  • Select settings then configure call flows and a dialog box containing a call flow editor will be opened
  • Select action block and select a phone number
  • Press ok and then you will see that all incoming calls will be redirected to this phone number.

In order to forward calls to a person:

  • Select settings and then configure call flows
  • Press the actions block
  • Select the call user and then invite the user you want to forward the calls to
  • Save the changes made

Other than this group call forwarding feature is also available and can be employed. For this do as follows:

  • Select settings and then configure call flows
  • Select the actions block
  • Press the option call group and configure your group
  • Select the number of users you want to forward the call too. The order can be changed as required
  • The order of calling needs to be mentioned like whether one by one or at the same go.
  • Set the time you want the user to wait for and select action on timeout for cutting the call after specific duration of non answered calls
  • Save the changes made