A Guide To Shipping Large Furniture

Shipping heavy and bulky furniture can be a hassle and daunting process.  Whether you are moving house, selling your used furniture, buying a new or second-hand furniture or running your own online furniture company, you have several options of shipping the furniture.  Shiply is the perfect online platform for finding the best furniture shipping company that suits your needs.

If you run an eCommerce business that sells furniture, the success of the furniture shipping means taking into account many aspects, including cost, choosing the right courier and packing the furniture safely for shipping.Furniture shipping costs vary according to several important factors to consider when researching the best way to ship furniture. They are:

  1. Item size
  2. Dimensions
  3. Weight of the item
  4. Value of the item
  5. Distance of the shipment
  6. Courier selection

Item size, weight and dimensions are usually the main factors in determining the cost of any shipment – and with furniture, they’re especially important. Thus, it is crucial that you get the accurate calculation of the size and dimensions as this can help your business save some money in shipping costs.  Fortunately, Shiply makes shipping large furniture easy with hundreds of large furniture shipping companies registered in their platform.

Appropriate furniture disassembly and packing as well as choosing the right furniture shipping company that offers the best package are the keys to successful furniture shipping in eCommerce. Here are some handy steps on the best way to ship furniture:

  • Order the correct-sized shipping box and wooden crate.
  • Dismantle any detachable parts of the furniture.
  • Wrap the furniture in Styrofoam or other protective materials.
  • Place the furniture inside the box or make a box around it.
  • Use polypropylene strapping around the box to keep it intact.
  • Measure and weigh the package accurately.
  • Determine your shipping costs and shipping options at online shipping platforms like Shiply.
  • Choose the best furniture shipping company after comparing the rates.

These are some of the benefits of engaging a shipping company from Shiply to ship large pieces of furniture:

  1. Free and instant freight quotes from a wide network of shipping companies.
  2. Full truckload and less-than-truckload shipping options to choose from.
  3. Shipment tracking 24/7.
  4. The self-service platform that lets you book a shipment easily within a few clicks of your mouse at any time you wish.

Shipping large or heavy household items can be overwhelming and daunting when you are new to the online furniture business or if you are planning to move to a new home. Shiply offers fast and reliable delivery services for heavy or bulky items to make your furniture shipping as stress-free as possible.  Let them take over your logistics processes for sending your furniture abroad, across the country or just across a few streets so you don’t have to worry about it.

Whether it’s a large and heavy teak wood cabinet, a grand piano or a metal safe, you can count on Shiply to do the heavy lifting for you. You can click here to find out more.