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7 Tips to Boost Your Ad Revenue on Mobile Apps / Games

Mobile app optimization can already be considered a rule, and just like websites, mobile apps and games must be created and improved with the aim of always reaching the best audience reach.

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7 tips to boost ad revenue on mobile app or game

1. Geotargeting

Visitors to your mobile app can come from any place or country. Certain ad networks are efficient enough to reach a specific demographic. For example, visitors to your app may be mostly Americans, which make it important for the ad network to serve users from the United States. Allowing geo-targeting will directly increase revenue.

2. Limit frequency on ad networks

Ad networks are not the same in terms of reach. Testing different ad networks, especially high traffic ones, can be an expensive alternative. So-called frequency cap allows you to test and manage the times your ad appears to a single person on the network.

3. Configure the ad update

Updating ads without the user having to refresh the page expands the optimization of results. An ad refresh rate should be considered to give users the time needed to view and click the ads. Many experts suggest a 2-minute refresh rate to allow users to respond. Sites with less content can adjust and test variations in this rate.

4. Repeat ad units

When a visitor sees an ad, they associate positive emotions and meanings in their subconscious. The higher the frequency, the greater the positive feeling. Banners can employ this technique, repeating the similar ad, to increase ad exposure. In addition, users who identify themselves will always feel that the offer is aimed at them.

5. Diversify ad formats

When introducing ads for apps and games, try to provide a premium experience for your user. Use optimized video resources, images and different options that can prevent ad fatigue. Engagement for each ad varies for each user segment. Pay attention to click through rates to design the right strategy for your audience.

6. Find the best placements

Identify the transition, interval or loading screens where the user would usually wait to perform some action to insert the ads in a way that does not interrupt the experience, but builds a “bridge” between their actions. For example avoid placing banners close to any of the interface elements or buttons. Area between phases and other breaks are ideal for video.

7. Target ads

Target ads with specific rules and guidelines for each user segment. For customers who invest large amounts, cross-promotion ads between apps can more easily retain them. Be creative in your targeting and test each variation for success.