7 Strategies to Win Solitaire

Solitaire goes by many different names including Klondike Solitaire and Spider Solitaire.

But one thing is something we can’t deny. Solitaire happens to be one of the oldest and simplest card games that you can find. However, regardless of how simple it may appear, this game is not that simple. This game happens to be one of the most difficult games to win. Even if you come up with the best strategies, Luck can factor in and if you are unlucky, you might end up losing.

But hey, props to you for giving your best!

But with our strategies, we can skim down the chances of losing to a minimum level:

1.   Try Opening the Larger Stacks First:

When you are going after hidden cards, we recommend that you must always choose columns that have huge stacks behind their current face cards. When you run these columns down, you get to see hidden cards as soon as possible.

When you see hidden cards, your chances of finding useful cards get better. By useful cards, we mean cards that you can use to win the game, such as Kings or Queens.

2.   Don’t Empty a Place if you don’t have a king:

This happens to be one of the most amatuer moves that is made by novices. They end up emptying the column spots or piles just so that they could free up a slot.

But, in reality, this move is worthless.  You must know that in solitaire, the empty space can only be replaced by a king. If you don’t have a king card in your hand, then save yourself from dealing a bad hand. 

When you empty a column, you are just blocking an entire playable column. When you block an entire column, you start to rely more on luck rather than your skills when it comes to winning the game.

3.   Always Keep Color in Mind when you are filling in a space:

You must always keep the importance of knowing the right color in a game. When it comes to choosing a red or a black king to take the place of an empty spot, it is not an easy decision to make.

It is not an easy decision to make because it collides with a big rule of a game. And In solitaire, there is no way around following rules. Having said that, you must choose the king of the color for which you have the whole card sequence lined up in order to win the game.

4.   Turn up The First Deck Card First:

This may seem simple enough, but it is not. There are many players out there that end up making this mistake. They build their piles and then they keep moving their cards from place to place. What they actually should do is flip the hidden card present in the upper dack.

As a matter of fact, it is ideal to always flip the first hidden card in the upper deck as your beginning move. The reason behind this is that you gain an extra set of options for building your fountain decks as well as for building piles below.

5.   Don’t Always Build Stacks of Ace:

Some people might find this counterintuitive. However, if you move cards to the upper ace foundations or stacks above the main column, you might end up putting yourself in a world of trouble!

This may be troublesome because you may need those cards to use them under your piles below. This is why it is essential for you to always think ahead before you build your ace stacks. The Cards that you are moving in those stocks will not be necessarily recoverable and might put you in a position where you end up losing the game.

6.   Stop Moving Cards without any reason:

We agree that the idea of shuffling cards for absolute no reason sounds tempting! However, when you are shuffling cards, the pile keeps building up gradually. With that being said, you end up locking some important cards.

As mentioned above, important cards are the one that can change the entire complexion of the game within minutes. If you consider our advice, you must only move around the cards if you stand to benefit from the move or you are likely to uncover a hidden card.

7.   If you get Aces or Twos, play them imminently:

As soon as you get an Ace of Two, you have to get rid of them! If you end up drawing an Ace or a Two within the stockpile, play them imminently. When you get either of them, you must stop drawing any more cards from the stockpile.

Many experts consider this specific maneuver to be one of the best maneuvers that you can pull off in solitaire. First, begging by placing the Aces into the foundation and for the second step, you must place the two or Deuces right after the aces.


Try out these new tricks and tips and play solitaire now! We are sure that you are going to win Successfully!