4 Reasons To Hire An Asbestos Survey Agency

Increasing air pollution is not only causing the rise of the earth’s temperature. Still, it is the root cause of respiratory problems faced by humans, animals, and plants even which further lead to difficulty in breathing some acute diseases or obtuse ones are finally the cause of death. Respiratory problems in plants also indirectly affect us as the pored of the stomata responsible for breathing in plants gets college up due to increased gaseous amount in the air, further which leads to delayed photosynthesis and causing slow and steady death of the whole universe, which can we live without food and plants are the primary sources of food. But here we’ll discuss the lung problem discovered in the late 19th century in Canada and the northern United states. Asbestos is caused by inhaling the asbestos particle which is present in the air we breathe. 


Asbestos is a disease that causes thickness in the lungs and the membrane that surrounds it also gets thick inside out causing an increase in the total size and less space for the air to come in and out.  According to an asbestos survey Colchester asbestos is a mineral found in abundance in the air as it is used in manufacturing brake linings, gaskets, and insulation; and in roofing shingles, floor and ceiling tiles, cement pipes, and other building materials. During the era of industrialization, the amount of asbestos fibre in the atmosphere has seen a steady rise. When it is inhaled by animals and humans along with the dust particles it causes the thickening of the lungs, further problems in breathing. 

Causes And People Affected 

Asbestos disease is caused only if the human body is exposed to it for a longer period of time, it is caused in the general public when the amount of asbestos in the air of a particular area increases substantially.  As per the asbestos survey Colchester, the main group affected are the people who work in asbestos-related industries such as the miners, installers, removers, etc. During the 1970s the US govt enacted laws to limit exposure to asbestos. These laws consist of masking the face and special suits for people who work in such industries that are afterwards sprayed with chemicals to nullify the effect of asbestos. Nowadays the disease is less frequent if a nation follows the said guidelines. 

Asbestos is a diagnosable disease provided you mention the contact with such particles to your medical examiner beforehand. Further, some tests are performed to check the amount of damage caused, and then oxygen therapy, pulmonary recapitalisation, and lung transplant surgery are the few treatment options that may be prescribed to you. Take care of the instructions and guidelines provided to you while working with the asbestos mineral and you are good to go.