3 Tips For Setting Up A Device For Your Elderly Loved One To Use

Having a device that connects you to friends and family members can make life a lot more enjoyable for everyone, especially if you haven’t been able to see each other in person over the last year or so. However, if you’re planning to get this device for your elderly loved one, you might want to help them set it up so that it’s ready for them to use and will seamlessly fit into their life. Of course, if they want to use features that require internet access this will include ensuring that there is a suitable internet connection (take a look at viasat internet plans here) which you will need to organize for them too. 

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for setting up a device for your elderly loved one to use.

Choose A Device With “Drop In” Calling

The first thing you’ll need to decide with your elderly loved one is what device they should use.

Depending on the age, technical savvy, and willingness to learn new things, Michael Cottam, a contributor to DailyCaring.com, shares that you might want to pick a device that has “drop in” calling. With this feature, the device will answer a call or video chat without the recipient having to do anything. This can be especially helpful if your loved one doesn’t have the dexterity they once did or if they’re living in an assisted living facility and won’t always have someone right next to them to offer a hand of help.

Make Things Easy And Simple

As you’re getting the device set up for your elderly loved one, you should try to make not only the setup process but also the use of the device as easy and simple as possible.

To do this, Dallas Thomas, a contributor to GadgetHacks.com, recommends using the “easy mode” as you launch the device. You can also set their home screen so only the apps they will use are on there and nothing unnecessary is cluttering up that space. It can also be helpful to change the font size to something larger than the default and turn on other features that you think might make life easier for them.

Get Them Familiar With Their Digital Assistant

One thing that can make using a new device much easier for your elderly loved one, according to David Nield, a contributor to Popular Science, is to encourage them to use the digital assistant as much as possible.

Depending on the brand of device they’re using, they will likely have a digital assistant that they can speak to that will help them do basic things on the device and make navigation easier. Especially if your loved one has a hard time seeing things on the device or using their finger to touch the screen, the digital assistant can be invaluable.

If you’re wanting to help your elderly loved one set up their new device, consider using the tips mentioned above to get things ready for them.