Tips to buy the best infant car seats

For a new parent, one of the most important and mandatory baby gear is an infant car seat. It’s a must-have if you plan on taking your little bundle of joy in your car. With the huge variety of models out there, choosing the best one for your baby can be intimidating.

That is why this article will help you to choose you to make the best and informed choice for your baby.

Infant car seat – what’s that?

An infant car seat is nothing but a car seat that is specifically designed for newborns and younger babies. Those seats face the car’s rear and can be readily used from day 1 of the baby till the maximum limit of the seat. They remain secured to a base. The base remains installed in the car, which makes it easy to get your baby in and out of the car.

Factors to consider before buying an infant car seat

Spending less on an infant car seat doesn’t mean it will be less safe. On the other hand, expensive infant car seats are more about luxury features rather than additional safety features. So, you need to consider other factors before buying an infant car seat.


Infant car seats differ in shape and size. Some fit best for larger cars while others are for smaller cars.


There are many models of infant car seats that can be easily installed with the help of the regular seat belt. A latch system is also a great option, which uses the built-in anchors in the car for securing the infant car seat.


Some models come with built-in levelling systems and indicators to notify whether they are installed correctly or not. Most of the problems that arise because of infant car seats are due to improper installation of them.


Consider the material’s durability and how easy it is to clean, rather than emphasizing over the style and colour.

Extra safety

Additional safety features like shock absorption and padding are good features to look for in an infant car seat.

Compatibility with a stroller

Some models allow you to take the infant car seats and place it into a stroller frame. The infant car seat that comes with a stroller is called a travel system. If no stroller is available for your interested model, check if a separate adapter is available to make it fit a stroller.

Is an infant car seat better than a convertible type?

Though a convertible car seat may seem an efficient choice, there are some advantages to go for the infant car seat. The infant car seat helps the babies to remain asleep when you move them in and out of the car. But with the convertible type, you will be disturbing the baby from its nap to take it out.

Before winding up

The safety of the baby is the utmost importance for any parent. That is why a baby car seat is a good choice. So, go out and research to find the best infant car seat for your baby.