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Three Tips for Travel Photographers to Make Their Instagram Photos Noticed More

Instagram is the most happening social media network for photographers. Built entirely ground-up for use on smartphones, it has quickly caught not only the fancy of photographers-on-the-go but also a very large number of businesses, big and small, that have perceived its potential for creating brand awareness, excitement, and engagement. With a reported 80 million photos being uploaded daily, it is not unbelievable that an average user misses seeing 70% of the feed. Some practical tips on making your photos spectacular:

Click the Photo Horizontally

It is best to take all the photos horizontally as you get a larger frame to include the background and the subject. After clicking, you can always crop it square after deciding what to include. To prevent your photos from looking monotonous, you should experiment with the angle. Shots from an extremely low or high angle can lend a different perspective and transform an otherwise conventional subject to something very interesting.To attract more Instagram followers with unusual photos, look out for places that people don’t normally use such as the middle of a bridge over a river, etc.

Instagram followers

Know the Functions of Your Phone

Most modern smartphones are extremely sophisticated and versatile; however, most users really don’t know enough of the features to be able to give their photos the extra edge. Using the native camera app of iOS can allow you to capture moments that are fleeting because it is so conveniently located that you don’t waste any time unlocking your camera. If you want to capture continuous action quickly then use the burst mode. The panorama mode is ideal for shooting the vast canvas of landscapes. To set exposure and focus all you need to do is tap on the screen, hold, and then slide your finger on the phone screen to the get to the desired setting.

Similarly using the volume button can help you reduce blurring as the phone shakes less than when you tap the onscreen button. If you are shooting something in a situation that has a mix of very bright and dark areas turning on the HD recording can help. Even when photographing in daylight, you should turn on the flash to prevent the faces from looking dark.

Use Third-Party Photo Editing Apps

Given the challenges of shooting subjects in environments that you perhaps have no control or influence over, it can be very hard to capture a frame that is perfect, whether you are an amateur or a professional. It makes very good sense to use some of the numerous third-party apps to edit your photos and make them really good-looking.


When you are shooting to post on Instagram, you need to operate within the limitations of both your environment and your phone. Smartphones have increasingly become smarter, and coupling their superior capabilities with your innate sense of how to capture a great shot can be the key to creating a buzz on your Instagram account with photographs that are simply outstanding.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.