The best IT solutions for business


An information system collects multiple resources, including software, hardware, computers, system connections, and end-users. Businesses are leveraging IT to detect and respond to rapidly changing client demand. Supply chains have become more nimble, with businesses of all sizes relying on just-in-time inventories to cut overhead costs and accelerate time to market. IT enables gathering prepared data on all aspects of the organization by providing current data, historical data, and trend analysis. The following services are available at DHS, for business enhancement through Information Technological Solutions

  • Asset Management Information Technology
  • Managed IT Services
  • Management & Consultancy Services
  • Security Services
  • Managed Cloud Computing Services
  • Services for Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Information Technology Services for backup and disaster recovery

Transform the business with technology

Digital transformation is the process by which digital technology is integrated into all aspects of an organization. It is a culture shift that compels firms to constantly challenge the status quo, experiment, and develop a tolerance for failure. Dark Horse Systems was founded on the premise that technical IT solutions alone are insufficient; a thorough understanding of business activities and strategy must also be used to develop a high-performing information technology system.

Dark Horse configures, manages, and hosts security solutions on asset IT systems. They safeguard organization, assets, brand, and reputation. Customers will be assisted with servers, storage, and network requirements using cloud-based data centers.

Dark Horse Systems provides cloud-based applications that design, construct, and deploy applications on a cloud platform. 24/7 monitoring and management to ensure IT infrastructure is up and running around the clock. After-hours support with system upgrades or on-site issue management that fits your business.

Future-proofing business is now more crucial than ever. DHS  offers enterprise-level networking solutions customized to enterprises, including work-from-home services. They can also provide project management and consulting services. The team of experts on the ground on-site to assist with project management.  Managed security services to protect the business. Connectivity, security, and privacy issues are no longer an issue. The consulting and IT solutions meet the company’s needs regardless of the IT solution, including backlog, archiving, disaster recovery, NAS storage, and SAN storage.

Next-generation firewalls and Network Access Control solutions to safeguard network security. The finest endpoint protection solutions to secure pcs, laptops, and mobile devices against viruses and ransomware. DHM uses MDM software to monitor, manage, and protect employee smartphone and tablet devices.


Dark Horse offers powerful Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies and software to keep the company safe by safeguarding essential business apps. Incorporate a cloud-based environment that’s secure, flexible, and collaborative in the workplace. They use the exemplary cloud service today and tomorrow to secure the organization. They are experts in the four leading public cloud services: Microsoft Azure, VM, AWS, and Google Cloud.They  work with internationally renowned organizations, select the ideal cloud for business and help build customized apps, and integrate corporate policies. The team assists in set up, administer, and upgrade saascloud applications, minimizing any inconvenience.