The Benefits Of Having An In-App Chat Feature For Your Business

If you’ve noticed, a large number of businesses are now adding a messaging feature, either to their website or mobile applications. While this makes it a great addition to keep your lines of communication open to your customers, it can do a lot more for your business. Remember, you must communicate with your customer to provide better service, and you have to make it as easy as possible for them to reach out to you with their concerns.

If you’re still on the verge and still not sure whether an in-app chat feature would benefit your business, here are some of the advantages:

1. Better Engagement Rates

In-app messaging features foster better engagement with your customers. No matter what industry you’re in, you’re inviting people to contact you and reach out to you so you can better address their needs. A good example would be Uber. It utilizes an in-app chatting feature allowing customers to talk to their rider or even reach out to a customer service representative whenever they require assistance.

When you have customers using your app, you want to make sure they stick to using the app and don’t direct them to close it. With an in-chat app feature, they can always reach out to the company without opening an e-mail application just in case they want to air their concerns out.

2. Seamless Experience Overall

You want your app to contain almost everything your customer needs without redirecting them to another channel, and this is what achat SDK messaging feature can do. It gives your customers a seamless overall experience, allowing them to do everything they’ve wanted within the app itself. You can easily deliver your messages, and they can instantly deliver theirs without difficulties. Remember, when your customers are happy, they’ll most likely remain customers, which is just one way to retain them.

3. Cost-Efficient

SMS and email campaigns may cost more, and honestly, this bars people from reaching out to you. They have to use their text credits or use the phone just for a simple concern. Today, if you can get customers to have their queries on the same application they’re using, it’ll be better, and it increases customer retention at the same time.

As a business, you no longer have to worry about paying extra credits and costs to send out SMS updates to your customers or pay for an e-mail marketing campaign. You can set it up and push the notifications to their phone through the messaging feature already in your app.

4. Fully-Customizable Chat App

Facebook messaging platforms are great, but the problem is – you don’t have your branding when using it. By adding chat SDK for your business, you can change the font, add customization and even create a workflow with your branding alongside it. Branding is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Additionally, you can set it up with a workflow that suits your business needs. Do you need a different channel for billing concerns? Do you need a separate tab for customer inquiries? All of these features can be easily integrated into your app chat platform, and you still get to use your logo, brand colors, etc.

5. Own The Data

Why go with an in-app chat feature when there are free third-party messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook? First of all – we don’t want to send them away from the app, which is why we’re integrating the chat feature from within the mobile application. Additionally, third-party applications stop you from owning the data, and there could be potential unforeseen privacy issues. With an independent messaging app using a chat SDK, your business and your customers don’t have to create a third-party account to get in touch with you. You can use the data that you have collected from within the application and start from there. This gives you the freedom to keep your customers from within the app while ensuring that their privacy and data remain safe and secure.

An in-chat app messaging feature brings a lot of advantages to businesses. If you’re not utilizing this yet, or haven’t been taking advantage of this yet, now is the best time to plan and implement this feature for your business.