Should You or Should You not React to an Assault?

We know that nowadays crime is only increasing, which makes many people afraid to leave home even for work, because we never know when something really unexpected can happen along the way that should be followed.

And even because they do not know when an event might happen, some people try to prepare as they can, so that when they are surprised by an assailant, they know how to react. And that is what we will see in today’s post.

How to know what to do

Pass it all or die. This is usually one of the phrases that a thief addresses the victim to deliver his belongings to. This is an attitude to scare, so that you will not be able to call the police, any kind of help or even react to the attempt. Police surveys that have been carried out are capable of bringing the information that 80% of people who have some kind of reaction in an attempted robbery, end up being shot.

Thus, what most people do in the face of an attempted robbery in which the assailant usually has a gun, is to omit and actually deliver all the goods.

A specialist in Public and Private Security, brings us what the reaction of a person being approached by an assailant should be, or even about the aim of a firearm.

The first point of great importance, already responds to the title of our post today. You should not react to a robbery, in any way and even trying to escape either by running or accelerating the car. If the assailant has a gun, he can fire shots, with the intention of making the person retreat, which in many cases ends up causing serious accidents. So:

  • Don’t react;
  • Avoid making sudden movements;
  • Stay still and always with your hands in sight;
  • Deliver the goods that are requested, avoid hesitating or negotiating.

It is necessary to know how to defend yourself

The saddest and most complicated of situations like these is to know that even passing all the goods that are requested, be it the vehicle, money, jewelry, electronics, among other materials, it is knowing that shots are still fired, coming from the robber and who end up hurting people.

And that is why there is a great need for you to know how to defend yourself. The people who had a firearm and AK 47 speedloader during an attempted robbery, there was no need to fire shots.