Practical And Effective Tips To Prevent Underage Drinking Problem

Underage drinking is one of the biggest challenges faced by the county today. It is leading to other bad habits, while binge drinking at such an age risks the development of underage children. The brain function is highly affected, and as they are still to enter puberty, the mental and physical growth is highly affected. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to talk to the child about the perks of drinking and that too when they are not of the right age.

Alcohol at any age is bad for health, but the risks of alcohol abuse in teens are higher since the brain is still developing, and having alcohol at such an age might cause dependency and lead to alcoholism. According to a survey by the state, 41% of the in-house patients in alcohol rehabilitation centers are underage children. The numbers are alarming, make you worry, and question your parenting. You need to control and educate your children about drinking.

Talk to Them

Sometimes, the answer is in plain sight, where small talk can go a long way. Talk about the commercial that shows that drinking is injurious or talk about an alcohol-related accident. There is a lot a parent can use as the conversation starter. Setting rules is also important, but, as they say, rules are meant to be broken. So, talk to make them understand the risks of alcohol at an early age. Ask children about their friends, what they do, and their family background. This talk session can tell you a lot about the company your child has and how it can influence him or her. At the end of the day, it is your job to talk.


As a parent, be involved with your child. Not like a drone or satellite to interfere in everything, but it is good to be with them. Go to their school meetings, help them in their projects. If they are going out, ask who they are going with, have the name and number of their friends, make sure that the parents of the friends also know that they are going out. If a friend is drinking, make your child stay away from them. Don’t be a stalker, Don’t creep them out, but make the message clear that you are aware and around.

Some parents approach the theory that they will allow the child to drink moderately in the house. They think that it is better for the child if he or she drinks at home and under supervision. However, once this practice starts, it is never limited to home; it is illegal for an underage child to drink even at home and under supervision.

Set an Inspiring Example

One of the prime reasons for underage drinking is the history of drinking in the family. To keep your children straight, you need to be straight. If your children see you getting drunk or involved in binge drinking, they will become more tempted to do the same thing. So, make them realize about social drinking and be a good role model.