The air that we breathe inside our homes consists of various airborne pollutant particles that are harmful to us. They can cause breathing problems by affecting our lungs and are of great risk to people suffering from asthma and allergies.

The air quality is worsening day by day due to increased air pollution. Especially in cities like Delhi, the quality of air is at its lowest. This creates a need for artificial sources of fresh or clean air.

An air purifier can ensure the delivery of fresh air inside our home by purifying the air with the help of filters. It is a very useful home appliance that helps us to maintain a healthy environment inside our home. You can check the air purifier price in India to have a clear idea of which brand and model to go for.

There are several aspects that you should look for in an air purifier, and they are as follows,

1) Clean air delivery rating (CADR):

A minimum of 350 and anything above 350 is a great rating that an air purifier can have. Rating less than 350 is usually not acceptable. The clean air delivery rating refers to how fast an air purifier can clean or purify the air by removing the airborne pollutant particles.

2) Size guidelines:

The size of the air purifier that you need to buy depends on your room size. If it is less than the required size, then the air purification will not happen effectively. An air purifier works only in the area or location of its placement. It cannot be placed in one room and expect the air from a different room to be purified.

3) Association of home appliance manufactures (AHAM) rating:

AHAM’s standards are designed to ensure the performance, efficiency, and safety of many appliances, including Air purifiers. It simplifies the purchase procedure as most of the reputed air conditioners undergo this certification, which provides CADR rating. 

4)True HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air):

A filter is given the tag of HEPA filter when it is capable of removing no less than 99.97% of germs in the air. These are very helpful in resisting the bacteria and viruses in the air from multiplying and spreading. It is important to look for this in your air purifier as some of them falsely claim to have a true HEPA filter. People with asthma and allergies benefit a lot from air purifiers with HEPA filters.


Some of the air purifiers are designed in such a way that they need to be placed with some space left on all sides. This is because they can intake the air either from sides or the back. Hence to ensure efficient working of an air purifier, it is necessary to take care of its placement. Several air purifiers come with a unique design, which allows them to intake air from all sides. 

There are many brands that offer air purifiers. You can choose an air purifier according to your requirements. Xiaomi is best at providing its customers with industry best filters that have great air purifying efficiency. Check the Xiaomi air purifier price list to have an idea of which one to opt for.