Boat Cradles

A Motherly Cover To Your Dear Boats: Boat Cradles

A boat is as alluring to a sailor as a child to a mother. The things that establish integrity in our profession need to care for with a great sense.

The road for your boat is water where anything can happen at any point in time. Protecting your boat from sudden damage minimizes the chances of loss.

Though you may feel it is an extra buck on your shoulders adding conveniences always multiply benefits to you. 

This protective vision has been generated by the boating industry. They use the cradle to build the ship or get it repaired. Boat cradles are secured support for your boats in harsh conditions of the weather.

Many cases have shown that boats can be secured even in hurricane conditions with the usage of such cradles.

There is no logic to add more chances of damage by using slings. Shift to the correct way of protecting your boats. There is no substitute for an aluminium or steel cradle.

You can get both fixed and variable cradles. Going for a cradle with the feature of an adjustable height of 1.55m to 2.20m proves to best accessory for your boat. We have cradles in grand sizes, medium, small, and mini.

The size of the cradle matters the most because that determines the ultimate safety of your boat. Powder-coated paint has been used on each of our boat cradles. The usage of raw steel and stainless steel gives you a guarantee for water resistance. 

We also have a provision for customised manufacturing 

We understand that every individual has a different taste for the look so our team would fulfill your need in speedy hours. You can discuss matters related to adjustment and availability of stock. The rest is our responsibility. 

Our main motive is to help you in keeping your boat secure above the water. You can easily store it at a private dock. We want to reduce the burden to transport it from your home to the dock every day. More than that, your boat meets safety from the salty water and algae growth. Now strong winds and waves cannot harm your dear boat. 

Factors to test the appropriateness of the cradle to your boat 

The accuracy of boat cradles can be tested with the boat’s length and beam. The depth of the water determines the appropriate shape of the cradle for your best use. Its ability to accommodate the weight of your boat leads to perfect results for you. The market is offering a capacity range from 3,000 pounds to more than 15,000 pounds.

We understand the different needs of professional sailors and amateur users

Our design has been done keeping in view the different issues faced by professional sailors and amateur users. Our integrated planning has been an adapted approach to these issues. You are on the way to getting the trusty companion in your profession. Each of our products is verified by the regulations and policies of the government. Get the operations to check before erecting it on your boats.