More About 9 Apps in a Nutshell

More About 9 Apps in a Nutshell

For an android user playing games and downloading movies would be on the agenda. Most of us feel that Google play store is only the resort to download games, but there are other apps which do a good job. 9 apps is one that strikes a chord with us.

Steps to download and install 9 apps

A series of simple and quick steps to be followed for 9apps Install Step 1- as most of us are aware it is a third party Android app meaning a change in the security settings of your phone is needed. So before you are planning to download 9 apps you need to proceed to the settings of your phone

  • Step 2- the moment you open the settings click on the security settings. Here you are going to locate an option of unknown sources that is normally disabled. To initiate you need to install from unknown sources
  • Step 3- the moment you click on the option of install from unknown sources, you will be given the link to start the process of downloading
  • Step 4- Once the procedure of 9 apps download is over, proceed to the file manager and check out on the folder of downloaded items. There on you can click on the fast download file and complete the process of installation
  • Step- You are all set to go for this amazing android product.

Features of the app

  • You can download Android apps of your choice. In the app store there are thousands of app falling in various categories and sub categories to suffice all your needs
  • Films, entertainment and games are all listed in the app store. As an user all your entertainment needs are centred around a single place
  • It is set to work on all Android versions that are 3.0.1 or even higher.
  • APK files are available. There is no other app store that provides you with so much APK files.
  • Easy to use and install. The process of installation is over in a matter of a few clicks. As the app is light in weight it only takes a wink to download
  • Very less storage space is consumed because of its tiny size. With a mere size of 1,99 this app is very light
  • For searching apps there are various filters in place. This does make it easy to choose an app of your choice. This works out to be beneficial when an user is not aware of which app is to be chosen.


  • There is no cost involved in these apps and it is free
  • For all your Android apps serves as a one stop solution. Virtually all Android apps can be found in the store
  • This is an easy to use app as it provides an easy to use interface. As an user if you do not have extensive knowledge still you can use this app
  • From a single store users can download various games, songs and even ringtones
  • Better levels of security along with safety. The latest version of this app unlocks all malware and virus.