Know the CEH certification related to the Future

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) is one of the certification levels offered by the EC-Council (certification body in the field of cyber security), CEH is very popular lately because the series of learning taught is very unique, you are taught to become a hacker, the difference is that you are a hacker ethical ones. There is controversy where many people claim that hackers are a positive form of activity entering a computer system and this is indeed done by security experts (white hat) to evaluate the resilience of a system.

With the increasing number of cases of hacking crimes around the world, especially against important companies such as banks or other large companies, they need IT security experts who have the ability to fight hackers. So hackers are opposed to hackers… of course the owner of this certification is a good hacker, aka a certified ethical hacker in Abu Dhabi. The rewards are very large, because in your hands the safety of the company’s business processes is protected.

Conversely, if it is done by criminals (black hat) it is more often called a cracker. However, because no one controls the action of hacking, the dividing line between hackers and crackers is very thin, only determined by the hacker himself. 

In an organization, IT security is indispensable to be able to secure information / data, servers, clients, and existing networks in the organization. The dependence of the organization on all kinds of information systems and infrastructure in IT is imperative. Therefore, it requires human resources who have the knowledge, skills, tools and hacking techniques to exploit the weaknesses of a system with the aim of better security. With CEH certification in Middle East, HR will know what threats exist and how to attack systems in an organization and how to defend against these attacks.


Participants will get Certified Ethical Hacker certification by taking training & exams. 

Training Objectives

  • Able to understand the methodology and phases of hacking (hacking) of Information Systems
  • Able to understand the various weaknesses that can be found in the Information System
  • Able to understand various exploitation techniques against these weaknesses
  • Able to perform Information System security penetration test
  • Able to use various tools to test system security and defense
  • Prepare for the CEH certification exam from the EC-Council

If you want to learn hacking, there are many formal institutions you can try such as the CEH Certified Ethical Hacker which is a professional certification for a hacker for his ability to test a system’s resistance to hacking. The CEH training fee is quite high. However, if your expertise is recognized, with CEH certification that you have the income you can get is also quite large. Speaking of higher science, as the saying goes, Certification is a good, scientific step to prove that you have passed minimal expertise in a particular field. But if you want to be at the forefront of your field (and any field), the only best and cheapest way is to continue to study without stopping and specialize in an area of ​​interest.