Induction Cooktop Technology Explained

One of the oldest technologies in cooking and it was fundamentally done to make nutritious and flavorful food and to kill bacteria by heating. This cooking was done earlier with roasting on fire by early men to cooking on gas or electricity as today. Microwave ovens and induction cooking are modern forms of cooking.

Induction cooking

Induction, also referred to as electromagnetic induction, generates electricity employing magnetism. This is a cooktop which metal coil through which electricity flows that is controlled electronically.

The power supply generates a flow of current within the coil and thus generates a magnetic field encircling and above it. A fluctuation in the magnetic field is created employing alternating current and thus generate heat. The hob of the induction cooktop produces a magnetic field that consistently changes.

A cooking pan placed on the top of the hob of the cooktop, which is switched on, the generated magnetic field penetrates the cooking pan metal. The magnetic field that is fluctuating moves on the sides and the base of the cooking pan. This will make the current stream into the pan.

This is also referred to as induction. It is essential to identify that it is not identical to a flow of current in a wire. The induction current is swirling and a whirling current with plenty of energy.

It cannot go anywhere and is referred to as eddy current. The energy is dissipated when the current swirls within the crystalline framework of the metal. Once the pan obtains heat, the food within it also cooks, initially by conduction, and then by convection.

Pros of induction cooking

Speed and Efficiency-A traditional cooking method produces heat energy at a distance and passes this energy to the food as much as it can. Like in a campfire, food takes a very long time to cook. The main disadvantage is wastage of energy into the encircling atmosphere. It is, therefore, inefficient and slow as well. In domestic cooking too, a gas stove is wasted of energy with air encircling around the pot and fire.

However, when it comes to induction cooking, the heat energy is generated within the cooking pan and not on the cooktop. So energy is retained in the food. Hence, it is more efficient in energy usage than other traditional cooking methods. Here the pots get hotter quicker, and cooking is also quick. This is considered to be about 25-50% quicker than other methods.

Safety – With no flame in an induction cooktop, no heat, and no burning as such. Cooktop doesn’t get hot, but the pan placed on it gets hot. These electronically managed cooktops identify when a pan is placed on them and the heat amount generated. They turn off automatically when left on by mistake.

Easy cleaning, Convenience, and control-They are convenient to be transported and are electronically controlled. These are easy to clean, just like a ceramic cooktop.

For anyone who wants to have quick, efficient, safe, convenient, and clean cooking, an induction cooktop is highly advantageous. Though the initial expense may seem a little high, it is worth the purchase.