How to launch your online courses

Creating and selling online courses can be a daunting task for so many people because content creation is not the only thing that you need to do. There are several other things that require time and efforts. But yes, if the work is done right, it is going to be worth it. In this blog, you will find everything you need to launch your online courses.

7 steps to launch your online courses

1- Commit to creating a course

This is the first thing that you need to do. Creating a course requires lots of time, energy and effort than what is expected by most of the course creators.

You will have to dedicate a lot of your time for creating and editing videos, writing lessons and promoting your course. So before jumping straight away into the creation of the course – commit to invest your 100% time and energy in making your course.

2- Choose your niche

Yes, everything can be taught but you can not be good at everything. So, you need to choose your niche carefully.

Talent + Passion + Market = Your Niche

You need to choose your niche in which you have got the required knowledge, you are passionate about it and most importantly you have people who would want to purchase your course.

3- Choose your course format and start building it.

There are various formats in which you can create your course. You can teach each lesson using written material, video lectures, webinars, audio lessons or slideshows.

Video lessons are quite engaging but at the same time they require a lot of time in recording and editing but yes, your time and effort is going to be worth it because it is a great way to build lasting relationships with your students.

You can use written materials if you don’t want to put so much effort and time in creating videos but yes, they are not as engaging as videos.

You can use Spayee, they provide multiple formats in which you can create your course content.

So, you have to choose the format in which you will feel most comfortable and start building your course.

4- Build a strong email list

Having a strong email list can help in changing the entire game. It can help you in selling your course even before you have created it.

Share the course teaser and course content with your email list and encourage them to share their feedback. Also encourage them to provide you suggestions about what are the other topics that you can add in your course content to make it more valuable to your learners.

5- Create a strong sales page

You need to create a highly converting sales page. A complicated offer can turn your potential customers away. So come up with an offer that your target audience can understand what you’re exactly offering to them. Your sales page should provide an offer that is so compelling that your target audience can not say ‘No’.

You can hire a copywriter to create a highly converting sales page for you.

6- Publish your course.

Choose a course publishing platform which is completely secured so that nobody can misuse your course content. You can go for Spayee as they provide 100% safety.  When you will add your course to your chosen platform you will have to set the price for your course. Don’t keep the price too low or too high, price it wisely.

7- Launch your course

There are mainly two ways of launching an online course.

  1. A Timed Launch
  2. An Evergreen Course

A timed launch is where a learner can purchase the course within a specific time window whereas an evergreen course can be purchased by the learner at any time.

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