How These Small Website Tweaks Can Improve Your Visibility

In today’s world of competitive online commerce, it’s vital that your business website is working at its highest level of performance. It’s not enough to have just any website anymore, as the only way to be found near the top of a customer search is by having a high quality site and content. It does your business no good if no one can find you online.

You may have designed a site for your business that is clear and well designed but it may not be working for you as hard as it can. Creating SEO rich content is just part of the marketing plan that can work for you.

If you aren’t including proper keywords into your content, changing your content on a regular basis and updating your meta tags like the pros at would recommend, then you could be missing out on users finding your page. If they can’t find you then they can’t take advantage of your services or buy your product. Let’s take a quick look at how these small website tweaks can improve your visibility to customers.

Keyword Placement

If you know anything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you know how important it is to include natural and effective keywords into your content. While most sites add keywords to their regular content, they may not be taking advantage of proper placement that can help boost their search rankings.

You need to add niche-related keywords to your headings and subheadings and make sure that they are listed in bold and/or italics to make them stand out to the search engines. You can also add keywords to your search description to get picked up more often. Your content should be keyword embedded on every page of your site, not just your landing page.

Meta Data

When you are designing your website you will have the opportunity to add a page description for the different sections. This should always be added with simple text that includes a keyword or URL name.

This is a small space that can make a large impact on how high up you end up in a search ranking. Make sure to add a description of what your page is and all it has to offer to help draw in your target customers.


Link building is an important part of creating engaging and effective content. It’s important to make sure that your links, whether they are internal or external appear in your content in a natural way. The user experience is more important than adding links, so make sure that they flow naturally into the text.

To promote your own site you can use internal links to move users to a different page or article that you want to promote. To add relevance to the search engines you can add external links to other sites.

Alt Tags

When you add photos or videos to your business website they should always be of the best quality images and be compressed and optimized for faster load times. You can also add a separate description of the photos or videos themselves called an Alt tag. This is another opportunity to add valuable search keywords to your site.


By following some of these tips you can help your website work harder for you. If you are going to put the effort into creating a valued webpage to represent your brand, you want it to be more visible to your customers.