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How One Crestron Programming Company Is Supporting the Growing Tech Industry in Reno

Crestron programming is a very niche industry. However, there is great demand for Crestron programming services among companies, organizations, and even homeowners who want customized control of the audio, video, HVAC systems, lighting, and more in their home or place of work. Crestron programming offers solutions that out-of-the-box products just can’t. So for the most discerning homeowners and business owners, Crestron is great choice.

One Crestron programming company, AV Programming Associates (AVPA), has been providing Crestron programming services and support in the San Diego area for many years. They have worked to take many different types of facilities to the next level by programming high-end AV systems. They have also programmed home automation systems for luxury homes like this one, which received top honors last year from the leading authority in home technology, CEDIA.

Recently, however, AVPA decided to expand their business into the Reno, Nevada area. With a rapidly growing business climate that is attracting technology-driven companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Tesla, Reno is a perfect fit for a company like AVPA. Reno is also home to advanced manufacturing companies and data centers, all of which can benefit from the services of an experienced Crestron programming company.

It’s not just mega-corporations that can use the Crestron programming services provided by AVPA, however. AVPA has worked with numerous startups and smaller companies who recognize the benefits of customized AV programming. They have programmed board rooms and meeting rooms so companies and organizations can utilize the latest in communication technology, and have also helped create well-connected “huddle rooms” where corporate employees can collaborate and share ideas with each other, as well as with remote team members.

In addition, AVPA provides programming for entertainment and hospitality venues, such as casinos, restaurants, hotels, and sports venues. Through their programming, they can help venues create the ultimate guest experience by allowing venue operators to easily manipulate the environment—including audio, video, lighting, and displays—to set the perfect mood.

Matthew Grisafe, Owner and President of AVPA said this about the company’s expansion into Reno, “AVPA has been in the Reno area full-time for a couple of months now, and we are making some great connections. We’re already seeing that this was a great place to expand our business, as there are not a lot of companies in the area that do what we do, and even fewer with our extensive experience in Crestron programming. Reno has also been a great location from which to serve other parts of Nevada, as well as Northern California.”

Grisafe continued, “We’ve worked with some great organizations and homeowners in Southern California, specifically in the San Diego area, and hope to do the same in the Reno area. There’s so much potential here, as the business community continues to grow. We’re excited to be a part of it!”

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