How Chatbots Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

How many times in the last one week have you interacted with a business online on your phone or through your computer? And what was the ratio of the outcome of the conversation in terms of how good it turned out or how unsatisfied it left you?

Before you answer, here’s a revealing for you – 80% chances are that the conversation that you had with the business online was with not a human, but a chatbot. And the reason behind you feeling heard or the opposite – feeling unsatisfied, after the interaction is entirely a doing of the level of AI and Natural Language Processing that has been incorporated into the bot by its developer.

Chatbots have, over time, been added with functionalities that have taken them above and beyond their role of being a placeholder till the executives come on line.

Realizing the potential that Chatbots carry by being a 24*7 available for business source, businesses are now investing a lot of money into developing them in a way that they not just collect the basic data of the website visitor but also solves their query and even convert them into a loyal customer.

Now, although Chatbots have come this far that they can hold a conversation with a potential customer for a very long time and even give them the necessary material to base their buying decisions on, but their potential to increase the conversion rate still haven’t gone mainstream.

For the business world that has adopted chatbot to a great extent and has been witnessing the benefits that it garners by being available across time zone, it is time to expand the expectations further.

But, the question comes, How? Especially when it takes the sales team a number of to and fros to close a deal, how would a bot be able to convert a passerby visitor into a loyal customer?

Here are some ways to increase the conversion rate on your website or mobile app with the help of Chatbot. But there’s a catch, all of the methods shared below would call for a mobile app development company involvement to come into practice as the bots available online are not technically evolved enough to handle these processes and the expectation of conversion  –

  • Personalization

Personalization has become the mantra of business success. And why not, after all, every person has this one wish – to be recognized. Now when you read personalization, do not read it as just using your visitor’s real name – that is something that everybody does. What is meant by personalization is that your chatbot should try to gather as much information about the visitor as possible in the first three dialogues, and then suggest them content that matches their demographics.

  • Constant Reminders

Invest in the development of a chatbot that you can use for sending constant personalized reminders to your visitors. Businesses have shown to have getting benefitted from being present with a personalized message on every medium where their visitors frequent.

These bots act as an impetus for the on the fence population to take the action.  

  • Enterprise Chatbot

When you design your chatbot in a way that it not just interacts with the visitors but also with the help of Artificial Intelligence is able to verify their buying potential, you gift your sales team a lead repository divided according to the sales funnel.

When the sales team base their effort on those visitors who are most likely to buy the product or invest in your service, the lead conversion rate automatically rises while the lead conversion cost is on a very low point.

Apart from these, you will have to ensure that the chatbot you are developing is powered with the armours of personalization, understanding of the different user flows, and most importantly has a personality that people feel comfortable to talk to and share their details with.

Once you develop a chatbot that is AI & NLP sound and has a personality which is a right mix of – tone, icon, writing style – you will have with you a lead conversion machine.

Do you too believe that chatbots have the potential to work along with a business’s sales team and become a part of their Lead Conversion process? Or do you think that bots would end up being a placeholder for till the executive is not online? Let us know in the comments below.