engagement Jewellery Ideas: Four Types of Face Shapes for Different Maang Tikas

To add an extra oomph to your traditional look, a maang tika is the ultimate choice. Today, a maang tika is one such accessory among the engagement trousseau of a woman that is loved by everyone right from the bride, the bridesmaids and her family members. Here are four engagement jewellery ideas in terms of maang tikas for different shapes.

1. Oval face – An oval face can be symmetrical as well as proportionately balanced. Thus, you can pick anything you want. Almost all shapes and styles of a maang tika can look good on people who can boast of having this type of face shape. Still, if you want to flaunt something unique, a Rajasthani style borla tika can be a very good option. If you still want to go the safer route, opt for the heavily embellished and oversized chand bali style tikka.

2. Round face – For those brides who have a round face, one of the best engagement jewellery ideas is to choose a maang tika with minimal designs. Choose something that has minimal detailing or a thin oval shaped maang tika or a rectangular maang tika design. This will not only provide your face with the illusion of length but will also compensate for the round shape thus giving your face a slimmer look.

3. Square face – People with a square faces has prominent cheekbones as well as jawlines. This is what gives square faces an edge but you can soften those features as well as draw attention to your complete look and not your jawline. Choose a round pendant tika which is one of the best engagement jewellery ideas in terms of adding fullness to your face. At the same time the big size will help you cover the extra space on your forehead.

4. Heart shaped face – If you have a chin that is narrower than the rest of your face, the crescent style or a large pendant style will work wonders on your look. It will definitely add more length to your face. Even a long maang tika made of kundan or maang tikas that are triangular in shape can help you accentuate the face and at the same time fit in perfectly.

When you choose correctly, these pieces of hair accessory is one of the best engagement jewellery ideas that screams royalty. It also gives your engagement outfit a complete traditional look and at the same time adds glamour without definitely being over the top. Whether you are someone who is having doubts in terms of choosing engagement or moissanite ring for engagement, enthusiast who doubts how to pick the right one, this list above is always going to help. Choose something at Engagement Rings Direct   that suits you personality  and type. There is definitely something for everyone.