Dedicated Hosting Servers: Features of Window Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting Servers: Features of Window Dedicated Servers

A dedicated Windows server comes in a variety of sizes and supports any website. These servers not only deliver robust performance, reliability, and security but also with the level of access and control will not be available to other providers. While looking through our dedicated windows hosting plans you will have many different options to choose. We also offer fully managed dedicated servers for any related hosting needs you may have in the future.

Such type of servers is beneficial to clients who want to host their websites own with enough support from the server team. Opposite to shared web hosting, a dedicated server holding many websites is cost-effective and, at most times, cheaper. Mostly dedicated hosting servers  can host unlimited websites without facing any technical issue. Besides this, a dedicated hosting server is capable to run a web application that is written in various programming languages, such as PHP and ASPX, etc.

Types of Dedicated Server

There are mainly 3 types of dedicated servers that are available in the market. These are managed servers, semi-managed, and unmanaged hosting servers. The major difference between these three types of servers is the quality of support that is given by the hosting company.

Particularly managed to host servers come with system backups, software patches, operating system updates and the like for the client’s website. The second type is semi-managed servers. These servers usually perform the first rounds of system updates and assist the clients. Now let’s discuss unmanaged servers. In unmanaged dedicated typed servers do not provide system updates. The client is the one who should initiate these updates but the service provider will still be assisting the client if there is any problem related to the server.

Dedicated Windows Hosting Features

State-of-art Datacenters

Dedicated hosting servers have world-class data centers that are managed by Certified security and networking teams. Companies like 4D Data Centres offer a multitude of services surrounding servers and data banks and are secured by biometric scanners and constant surveillance. The whole industry’s security is taken very seriously to ensure that customers and their data aren’t compromised.

On-Demand Deployment 

Your time is important. With the machine-driven platform, web hosts can deploy your server at any time and from anywhere.

Cutting-edge technology

The dedicated server features best-of-breed technologies, which are all supported by our dedicated support.

Smooth integration with Cloud servers

Dedicated servers being the fully automated platform, will provide you smooth integration and management of your dedicated and cloud servers with just one API, account, and bill

Across-the-board Server Security 

Security is of paramount importance for us. If you take services from Hosting Raja their across-the-board security scheme increases your server’s uptime, secures your personal information, and reduces risk.

24/7 dedicated Support

The customer comes first! Whatever query you have, whether it is related to hosting, server, or account issue, Hosting Raja has a dedicated support team and qualified technicians available 24/7 to resolve it promptly.