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Coding Challenges – The Best Way to Assess Yourselves

code challenges

If a candidate wants to be a good problem solver then he needs to go for the coding challenges and solve them. If they solve a variety of challenges and quizzes then their ability to solve any problem will increase and they will surely be a good problem solver. They will be expert in programming language and they will be all set to give a face to face interview.  Here we have mentioned a few sites that can help the candidates.

Top Coder

This is a very good place where candidates can know more about the programming. This is where they can also learn the algorithmic challenges. These can be solved online directly. There will be also some small games with single rounds and you can play them as trial basis. If you slowly learn programming then you will definitely be able to become good programmers.

Coder byte

This is a nice platform that offers above 200coding challengesand the candidates will be able to solve them directly.  There are ten languages available.  There will also be some levels from easy to the challenging one and you are required to take a level that you can solve with ease. There will be some tutorial for better understanding. You can alsocheck the solutions given by others.

Project Euler

In this forum the candidates will be able to see a great variety of challenges and they will be on the basis of computer science and maths.  The candidates will have to write down a small program and they need to trace out a maths sum.

Hacker Rank

This is another nice form where there will be different types of coding challengesfor many domains like maths, SQL etc.  There is a facility to discuss with others who are using the same platform.  Many of such challenges are here along with a tutorial and that will explain the challenge well. Here is where you will learn how to deal with a problem and how to get a solution to it.  Solutions given by other users are not available here.  Here you also have chance to get ajob. There are also some chances to get a job. The site will also allow you to apply for some jobs here. There are some big companies that offer some challenges here. If you solve them successfully then chances of you getting a job are higher.

Code Chef

This is a site that is India based. Here you will get to see a great variety of challenges and you can solve a challenge that you feel you can solve. A candidate is required to mention his code there and then he can solve the challenge.

Code Eval

This platform is as same as the first platform and this is aplace where you will be able to see a great series of such challenges. These challenges are funded by some of the big corporates. This is the place where you will be able to find a job for you. If you can crack a challenge then you can get some job here. There are also some good companies who give challenges and hold some competition in order to do the recruitment.

Code Wars

This is a nice platform with a great range of coding challenges. A candidate can solve them directly online. It offers many languages. Once the candidates solve the challenge they will get to see the solution and its explanation. Also they will be able to see the solutions given by some other users of the same site.

Leet Code

This is a very famous forum that offers more than 200 different types of challenges.  Also there will be some technical challenges and this will help you to prepare for a technical job. This platform does not allow you to see how others are solving. Once you are done, you will also be provided with a statistic of the solution that you gave.  Here you will alsoget a sample interview so that you can prepare for the interview rightly.


Sphere Online Judge is a place that has more than 20 thousands of programming languages. There will be also some contests and puzzles. Also there will be a section were you can have a discussion with others with similar interest. These willalso come with some tutorials that will aid to you to prepare for your interview.

Codin Game

This is not as same as the others. It has its uniqueness.  Here you can get a nice opportunity to take part in the code that is game related. The participants will get a whole list of the games that can be played. There will also be some puzzles and contests. The candidates are required to write their codes in the editor provide in the site. There will be more than 20 languages available. Many programmers make use of this as they find this competitive.

If you like the code challenges, then these platforms are best ones for you. You can take a site that is most useful for you.  These platforms also help you to get a good job. There are some companies that will hold such challenges and contests for their recruitment purpose. This is a fun program me indeed. You can take the challenges androgynous skills. These challenges are easy to understand and simple to solve. The candidates can solve them and have some fun. They also can get a job there.

How to Generate Invoice Efficiently?

top invoice software

Whatever field you may choose to proceed nowadays there is a huge competition in almost all the cases, and thus there is a need for the improvisation of the work which you do so that you can be the best at it. Well, this article would talk about the business setups and the easier way to handle the works so that there can also be some time left to work for the enhancement of the business to a next level further. The worst part of all the works in the business is the management of the invoices.

The work is not at all difficult though. However if it is chosen to be done manually then there can arise some problems like if manual invoice management is preferred. In such case it is no matter to be doubted that there can be mistakes made too as this works confuses a lot and thus there is a need of the efficient management of the invoices ad this is the very reason why the invoice management software is preferred widely in the business. This software provides many benefits due to which the software is installed. Below are mentioned some of those advantages of installing the top invoice software which one should go through to figure out the benefits of it:

  • Increase in the pace of work:

If you have ever been there given the work to handle the invoice, then you might know that it is the most hectic tasks and also takes a lot of time. When you enter the information, this would only take about half an hour to be completed. And the invoice has to be sent to be sent to many people then the process becomes a repetitive, lengthy and a boring one.

Thus this is the reason why the invoicing software is made to use so that there can be a fast completion of the work without any mistake. The same process takes about a couple of minutes to be completed by the use of the software, and this big difference can be the very difference due to which the business holders widely prefer it.

  • No loss of information:

Just imagine that the inventory is completed manually then there can be a genuine chance for the loss of the work. But when the inventory software is made to the user, then there is no loss of any file as all of them are automatically stored in the cloud so that there is ease to drill the file out too whenever there is a requirement.

The process is so sorted that one can easily access the file whenever there is a need, but when the same work is done manually, and then there is a problem to get the file back in the time of requirement. It consumes a lot of time to search a file and get it. Mostly the invoice software for windows is preferred.

  • Automatic work:

There is no such requirement to employ a large number of people as the work can be automatically completed by using the software.

Three Tips for Travel Photographers to Make Their Instagram Photos Noticed More

Instagram followers

Instagram is the most happening social media network for photographers. Built entirely ground-up for use on smartphones, it has quickly caught not only the fancy of photographers-on-the-go but also a very large number of businesses, big and small, that have perceived its potential for creating brand awareness, excitement, and engagement. With a reported 80 million photos being uploaded daily, it is not unbelievable that an average user misses seeing 70% of the feed. Some practical tips on making your photos spectacular:

Click the Photo Horizontally

It is best to take all the photos horizontally as you get a larger frame to include the background and the subject. After clicking, you can always crop it square after deciding what to include. To prevent your photos from looking monotonous, you should experiment with the angle. Shots from an extremely low or high angle can lend a different perspective and transform an otherwise conventional subject to something very interesting.To attract more Instagram followers with unusual photos, look out for places that people don’t normally use such as the middle of a bridge over a river, etc.

Instagram followers

Know the Functions of Your Phone

Most modern smartphones are extremely sophisticated and versatile; however, most users really don’t know enough of the features to be able to give their photos the extra edge. Using the native camera app of iOS can allow you to capture moments that are fleeting because it is so conveniently located that you don’t waste any time unlocking your camera. If you want to capture continuous action quickly then use the burst mode. The panorama mode is ideal for shooting the vast canvas of landscapes. To set exposure and focus all you need to do is tap on the screen, hold, and then slide your finger on the phone screen to the get to the desired setting.

Similarly using the volume button can help you reduce blurring as the phone shakes less than when you tap the onscreen button. If you are shooting something in a situation that has a mix of very bright and dark areas turning on the HD recording can help. Even when photographing in daylight, you should turn on the flash to prevent the faces from looking dark.

Use Third-Party Photo Editing Apps

Given the challenges of shooting subjects in environments that you perhaps have no control or influence over, it can be very hard to capture a frame that is perfect, whether you are an amateur or a professional. It makes very good sense to use some of the numerous third-party apps to edit your photos and make them really good-looking.


When you are shooting to post on Instagram, you need to operate within the limitations of both your environment and your phone. Smartphones have increasingly become smarter, and coupling their superior capabilities with your innate sense of how to capture a great shot can be the key to creating a buzz on your Instagram account with photographs that are simply outstanding.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

Get SMS API For Your Business, And See Your Business Growing Fast

sms API for your business

If you want to expand and develop your business then you need to get the sms API for the business. There are many such good services that will get you the best benefit. They will get you top quality services at the most reasonable rates. You can get very fast services in your area. This is very simple form of business. By sending just one mail you can get some money. You need to create good client base and also a good market where you can grow your business.

They also do have some good and profitable packages and you get a chance to get some extra income. If you do not like the services then you can tell them so and they will return your money back. If you are new to the field then there is a separate customer service centre where you can get good help at any time you want. They will let you use many IP. Get good sms API for your business and enhance your business

This marketing means sales using the electronic mails. You just have to send one mail to many users and they will read it and revert. If they like it they may also forward the same to others. You will get good money out of it. The mails are sent to the target customers only. This is the way you can also improve the relation between the company management and the customers. Even new customers are getting encouragement to start new business. CommunicationAPI for smscan help you to get some money and improve the business.

The marketing type offers many benefits. You can distribute the information to many potential customers. In just a few minutes this can be done. This type of marketing needs fewer funds as compared to the other forms of marketing. This gives best results and you can depend on it definitely. This is the best form of marketing that takes little money and time. The mail is sent to the customers in no time. Many of the users will get it. It is easy to find out these mails. Many users will receive a mail at a time. This is such a form of marketing that needs no paper.

This is the way you can make good money and do a good business. You only have to take help from a reliable and good foundation. There are many sites that offer such support and help. You can send bulk sms to many people and those who are interested will be able to contact you. This is the modern way of making a business successful. This is best way in which you can earn good money. Just get the finest services and make your business grow very well. This service does not need much money and time for marketing. Just do it in the right way and you may get a very good client base? This will again help you to grow well.

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