A Classic Word Game in a New Fun Way

Word games often tend to end up being extremely similar to one another, most of the time, unintentionally. One of the primary reasons may be due to the fact that word games are naturally presented with limited gameplay options. After all, there is only so much a game developer can do with a bunch of letters to provide something new and refreshing to the gaming consumers.

However, that does not necessarily mean all the word games in the market offer the same old cliché and repeated products. In fact, there are a handful of word puzzle games and word scrabble helpers (scrabblewordfinderguide.com) out there that present the players with a product that is actually fun and unique as well. Wordbubbles is one such word search game that provides players with a distinct gameplay mechanics to help them harness optimum fun element out of the game.

As opposed to other types of conventional crossword or word search games, Wordbubble incorporates all the core elements of a traditional word game but gives it a distinctly modern and refined twist to present the game in a new and fun way to provide the players with immersive and engaging gameplay.

So, what exactly is Wordbubble?

Wordbubble is a word search game developed by Approve. The game works on a simple concept and gameplay – to let the players form a valid word from the set of random letters that are assigned to them. However, the game provides an intriguing gameplay modification by allowing players to advance through the succeeding stages in a methodical process.

The letters are provided in individual bubbles (hence, the name), and the players have to join the letters to form an appropriate and valid word out of them. It is also important to note that there is a specific pattern you have to follow if you want to obtain the one correct answer.

How does the game works?

The basic gameplay of Wordbubble is quite straightforward – join the bubbles to form a valid word, but, in addition to this simple objective, the game progresses according to some specific and systematic order. Each level is based on a specific theme or topic such as algae, seaweed, starfish, lobster, etc.  These levels are further divided into a cluster of subsidiary levels, and the players have to complete all these levels successfully in order to proceed to the next level. It is important to keep in mind that there is only one correct answer, which will depend on the topic of the specific level. So, if the topic is algae, you have to form words related to it.

The game usually starts off with fairly easier and simple topics. In fact, the first 400 levels only deal with three and four-letter words. But, as the game advances beyond that level, the topics become more challenging, and the word lengths also take a significant leap as well. This ensures that the players encounter harder challenges as the level progresses to make the game even more entertaining and engaging as well.

Players are provided with 10 free points in the beginning. These points can be used to open additional hints, in case the players get stuck with forming words in the later harder stages. The players also get one hint point for every level they complete as well. The points should be used sensibly as the difficulty level increases significantly with every succeeding level.

Additional features of the game

Wordbubbles come with ample of additional gameplay features to preserve the optimum interest level of the players at all times. In addition to the standard level-based gameplay, there is also a weekly puzzle and daily puzzle game mode that refreshes every week and daily, respectively, as well. These puzzles are usually of standard difficulty-level to provide the players with a challenging task to solve every day/ week.