4 Tips For Starting an Online T-Shirt Business

We live in a digital age where if we can imagine something in our minds, we can usually find a place on the internet to order it from. One of the things that is all the buzz in tech news right now is custom t-shirts! T-shirts are a classic wardrobe staple that almost everybody owns at least a few of, they make great gift ideas, and can be easily customized. Let’s face it, everyone loves a great t-shirt!

There are lots of websites that do custom t-shirt printing, so you may be wondering if they make good money doing it or if it may be a business venture you’d like to try.

You’ll of course need a space to work, a printing press, ink, and other supplies to get started, but you will also need a little business sense. Here are four tips to help you make money with your custom t-shirt business.

Offer Higher Quality Than Competitors

Before you dive into your new business venture, order a couple of custom tees off of other sites and note the costs, shipping times, and quality of each item. Sometimes custom orders are low quality and the words or graphics come off easily in the wash. Strive to make your custom t-shirts higher quality and you’ll have a leg up.

Cater To Businesses

Invest in some ads or go into different businesses in your area to let them know that if they’re looking for new uniforms, you may be able to help them out! One of the best ways to make real money is with large orders. And perhaps they’ll tell their other business-owner friends!

Offer A Discount For First Time Customers

Offer a small (15 or 20%) discount for first time customers. Advertise it on your home page and anywhere else you can. If someone orders from you once and likes what they receive, they will definitely be ordering from you again, but next time it’ll be at full price!

Try For Faster Shipping

One of the biggest issues with ordering anything custom online is shipping. Shipping costs can get expensive, even for something lightweight like a t-shirt, and even if the consumer isn’t worried about the cost, they may need the items by a certain time and will need you to guarantee to them that their order will be there when they need it.

They may also ask for you to provide tracking numbers. If you can somehow figure out a way to ship quicker than your competitors, you’ll be rolling in money in no time.

Starting a new business is never easy, but selling custom t-shirts online is a great plan for you in the techie world we live in. Just follow the above tips and you’ll find success before you know it.