12 Ways to Earn Extra Money with Social Media

Social media marketing is one of most popular and easiest way to make money online. In times like these, earning a little extra would create great relief from household expenses and other expenditures. The great thing is that you won’t even have to leave your home.

Since more people spend most of their time online, you might as well grab this opportunity to benefit and earn extra.

Here are some ways to earn extra money with social media:

1. Sell your crafts.

If you have a God-given talent of sewing or craft making, selling them online is one inexpensive way to earn extra cash. There are social media tools that allow you to post anything without having to struggle with grabbing possible customers.

2. Make use of your talent.

If you have a niche for writing or if you have mastered the art of web designing, sharing your talent through social networking sites like Facebook will increase your visibility to prospect clients who need the services that you offer.

3.  Advertise through Facebook.

Facebook has a tool for entrepreneurs to advertise their products online. Either you pay to make your advertisement appear on Facebook homepage or you create a Facebook account of your products and generate likes and shares to gain potential buyers or clients.

4. Tweet.

Learn how to use Twitter. The more followers you have the more chance of gaining potential buyers or clients. You could be surprised by the number of people who are always online in Twitter.

 5. Advertise through YouTube.

Just like in Facebook, you can either create a demo video of your product to gather views and shares or pay for their advertisement tool and make your advertisement appear in YouTube videos.

6. Create a blog.

Signing up for a blog site is free and would only take a couple of minutes. Once you know what to blog about, monetize your blog through Google’s AdSense or other affiliate programs. The more readers you gain, the higher the chance to earn money.

 7. Join online communities.

Share your brand and start building communication with the people you meet online. This is one way of gaining readers, followers, and getting more traffic.

 8. Grow your own online community.

After meeting several people online, gather them in one venue—your website. Having more people involved will increase network potential.

 9. Spend a little.

If you want to be more visible in social networking websites, pay for their advertising tool. It’s easier to make money online if you’re willing to capitalize.

 10. Update regularly.

Bringing new things and updating blog with errorfree informative content will always attract readers to come visit your website more often.

11.  Get your friends, relatives, and colleagues involved.

The concept of social media marketing is to attract potential avid followers to share your website to other potential followers; thus, gaining more traffic and audience.

 12. Work hard. Think big.

There are a lot of easy ways to make money. All you need to do is to think and work harder and surpass what you already have achieved.